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The NSTSE exam is unique problem-solving national level talent search examination. It is a cut above the rest. While other All India science talent examinations are aimed at testing how much a student has learned or memorized this test aims at tapping the ability to think fundamentally and reason logically. Different from superficial school tests and examinations NSTSE focuses on the fundamentals. Competitive exams in India today like CAT, CMAT, GRE, GMAT, SNAP also aim at testing the fundamentals of students seeking admission.

With its unique emphasis of improvement over marks and grading, its reduces the stress and strain of preparing for an exam.

Eligibility: Students studying in the following classes are eligible for apply for NSTSE 2015

    XI(PCM) and XI(PCB)
    XII(PCM) and XII(PCM)

There is no exam for XI,XII PCMB group.

NSTSE Registration / Application Form

NSTSE 2015 Online Application Form / Registration:-

Apply online on website:- http://www.unifiedcouncil.com

Fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS. The name of the candidate should be spelt correctly in the Registration form as it appears in the certificate.

It is mandatory to provide valid Email id & Mobile Number to which will be use to send all the exam related information to the student.

Students can choose Ordinary Postal Service or Courier Service to receive the model papers set and certificates.

During the registration and payment process, do not use the ‘Back’ button on the tool bar of your browser. Use the links and buttons available on the page to move from one page to another.
The online registration process is a Internet based Application based on various factors like Internet Speed, Concurrent Users (Applicants) etc. Therefore, in case if  the related  web pages are not opening immediately, please retry after a time gap.

Once the transaction of payment is completed the confirmation page with Title “Successful Transaction” will be displayed on the screen. This is the confirmation of your NSTSE registration and Payment. Please make a note of the order number generated on this page for all further correspondence with us.

NSTSE FEE Rs.215/-

Mode of Payment

Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Net Banking


NSTSE Exam Dates

NSTSE 2015 Date:- 25-01-2015 (Sunday)

Time:- 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 Noon

Last Date for Receipt of Applications:- 27-12-2014

NSTSE Syllabus

Paper Pattern

NSTSE 2015 Pattern:-

NSTSE follows CBSE’s pattern. Questions designed are suitable for students studying  ICSE/ISC and various matriculation board syllabus.

There are different question papers for different classes. All questions are objective type with no negative marking

Class: No. Of Questions- Marks

Class 2     (50 marks for 50 questions)

Class 3   (75 marks for 75 questions)

Class4-12  (100 marks for 100 questions)


Division of marks in the Question Paper :

For Classes II :

Mathematics:    25

Science :               25


For Classes III :

Mathematics:    40

Science :               35


For Classes IV & V :


Science :45

General Questions:10


For Classes VI to X :


Physics :25


Biology :20

General Questions:10


For Classes XI & XII (PCM)


Physics :25


General Questions:10


For Classes XI & XII (PCB)

Biology :40

Physics :25


General Questions:10

NSTSE Preparation

There is no stress or strain as such in preparing for this exam. The basic objective of preparations is to learn and remember better. While preparing for the exam students  condition themselves to face other important examinations of their academic life with various useful techniques and processes.

Books for Reference

Success Series Books Series

For Class II : Passport to Knowledge Republic - I

For Class III : Passport to Knowledge Republic - II

For Class IV : Passport to Knowledge Republic-III

For Class V : Passport to Knowledge Republic - IV

For Class VI : Success Plan Junior

For Class VII : Success Plan

For Class VIII : Success Plan Plus

For Class IX : Success Wizard

For Class X : Success Plan Senior

For Class XI : Success Blue Print

For Class XII : Success Unlimited

NSTSE Sample Questions

NSTSE Notification

NSTSE 2015 Notification:-

Date of Examintion:- 25-01-2015 (Sunday)

Time:- 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 Noon

Last Date for Receipt of Applications:- 27-12-2014

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