What is the news? 
The CAT 2014 online mock test was made available on www.iimcat.ac.in (cat 2014 official website) on October 24, 2014. With the IIT's announcing earlier on itself that there would be no CAT tutorials, the online mock test is certainly your only and best bet for CAT 2014 preparation. Several changes in CAT 2014 exam have been included in mock exam. While there has been reported confusion in terms of the test, we at www.eduvidya.com run you through the entire CAT 2014 Online Mock Test. 
Changes in CAT 2014 Online Mock Test:-
There will be 100 questions of the types as provided in the sample practice test on CAT 2014 site. The questions will be divided in 2 sections with 50 questions each. Total allotted time to complete the test will be 170 minutes ( 2 hours and 50 minutes). CAT 2014 aspirants can freely switch from one section to another during the overall time. (There have been reports that the switch button has not been functional in the mock exam, but do not worry, as this is sure to be resolved).
CAT 2014 paper pattern has been divided into two sections. The first section is on Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and second section is based on Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning.
The number of questions in CAT 2014 has increased. For instance in case of 30 questions, test takers have to face 50 questions in Verbal Ability section on a reduced time allotted per question.  The practise test upto to now shows that questions on number of topics have gone missing while many questions on other forgotten topics have be added in actual CAT 2014 exam. Questions on ‘Out of context sentence’, ‘Completion of paragraph’ and ‘Last sentence of paragraph’ may not feature in this exam. However more questions on grammatical errors will be part of CAT 2014. 
This is all the information about the CAT 2014 Online Mock Test. In addition to this  Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) examination body had announced that it would be marking scheme for CAT exam public. Referred to as normalization of marks, this concept refers to the process that adjusts differences in questions’ difficulty levels, so that scores from different tests are comparable on a common platform. IIM Indore the conducting institute for CAT 2014 is yet to do so.
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