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The cutoff is defined as the minimum scores which are prescribed by the official exam body for the students. It is essential for the students to score more than or up to the cutoff marks so as to qualify the exam. The cutoff will be released at each and every level of admission. The ATMA Cutoff 2022 will be available here soon after its official availability. 

About the Exam:
• ATMA is one of the leading management entrance examinations in the country. It is considered as among the high – quality tests.
• This exam is organized with the purpose to offer admission in the various management courses.
• ATMA seeks to become the benchmark in the world of management admissions.
• The scores of this exam will be used by various reputed and top – ranking business schools in the country.
About the Cutoff:
• The cutoff is termed as the lowest scores which the students should obtain in the entrance examination so as to be considered as eligible.
• It will be announced by the official exam authority and will be used as the basic selection criteria.
• The ATMA Cutoff 2022 will be available only in the online mode and the students can check the same here soon after its official release.
Need for Cutoff:
• As ATMA is one of the leading entrance examinations, therefore, a large number of aspirants take this exam every year. Now, it is quite obvious that some of the selection criteria will be used so as to select the deserving students for admission. This selection criterion is the releasing of the cutoff marks.
• Basically, it will be used to demarcate the number of students for the next round of selection.
Influential Parameters:-
• The official authority of the exam i.e. AIMS will consider various aspects so as to determine the cutoff marks.
• These parameters play the vital role in deciding the cutoff marks and are also known as the game changer elements. These factors can bring the drastic change in the ATMA Cutoff 2022.
• Some of the influential parameters are listed here for the students.
Previous year cutoff trends
Marking scheme
Complexity level of the exam paper
Lowest and average scores in the exam
Performance of the students in the exam paper
Availability of seats
Terms related to the cutoff:
Actual Cutoff:
• This type of cutoff is released by the official exam body and should be accepted by the students.
• On the basis of this cutoff, the merit list will be prepared for the qualified students.
• It is totally unchallengeable under any circumstance.
Expected Cutoff:
• This cutoff is usually declared by the reputed coaching centers, educational portals, and educational experts.
• This is just used for the reference and plays no role in the admission procedure.
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