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Below you will find Admission Requirements for Study in Canada, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Procedure for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs. Canada is the most popular country for the higher education nowadays. It is recognized as the perfect destination for the international students. In order to pursue the higher education in this amazing country, it is obligatory to know the details about the Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UG and PG courses in Canada. This post shall give the complete information regarding the eligibility conditions and the admission procedure of the UG as well as the PG courses in the Universities of Canada.

Eligibility Requirements – For UG Courses in Canada:-

If the students seek admission in the UG courses, then it is important for them to know the Eligibility Requirements for the UG Courses in Canada. The students can pursue their education in Canadian Universities only if they are meeting all the eligibility conditions of the particular university.

• The student must have qualified 12th class with minimum 70% marks.
• Admission in the UG Courses requires that the student must have cleared TOEFL:

PBT: minimum 580 to 600
CBT: minimum 237 to 250

• For business studies and computers, it is required to have math in class 12th
• For engineering, it is required to study Physics, Chemistry, math and English in class 12th.
• For fine arts, it is needed to present the portfolio or the documentary evidence of the creative skills

Eligibility Requirements – For PG Courses in Canada:

The candidate can get the admissions in the PG Courses only after verifying the eligibility norms. The Eligibility Requirements for the PG Courses in Canada is mentioned here so as to provide the complete information regarding the same.

• For the MBA courses, it is required to have experience of nearly 2 – 3 years. Experience shall be preferred by the Canadian Universities.
• Some universities of Canada prefer the good scores in the standardized tests like GMAT (minimum scores: 580 to 600) and GRE (minimum scores: 1200 to 1500).
• Admission in the PG Courses also requires the completion of 4 years bachelor degree with at least 70% aggregate marks.
• Some universities may require the written proof of experience, therefore, the candidate should be ready for the same.

Admission Procedure – For UG and PG Courses in Canada:

The Admission Procedure of UG and PG Courses in Canada is quite simple. The candidate has to apply for the particular courses in the Canadian University along with the essential documents. Find the exact admission procedure here.

• The first requirement is to obtain the application form of the particular University.
• There are two ways of the application form. First is to download the application form from the official website of the University. Second, is to request the application form through email id.
• The student must have to attach the past academic records or transcripts along with the application form. It is quite compulsory that these transcripts must be in the English language.
• Transcripts other than the English language will not be accepted by the Canadian Universities.
• The candidate must have to attach the detailed resume as it is the important part of the application form.
• Letter of recommendation plays a vital role in the Admission Procedure of PG courses. It is a letter signed by the person who knows you professionally.
• Along with these documents, the statement of purpose is also required by the Canadian University. This is the statement which depicts the reason or purpose for choosing the particular course.

These are the Eligibility and Admission Requirements for the UG and PG courses in Canada. As these requirements may vary as according to the University or course, therefore, the students are advised to refer to the official brochure of the chosen University.


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