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Below you will find Admission Requirements for Study in France, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Procedure for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs. A Study in France is the dream of almost every student but the dream will be fulfilled only if the student is able to satisfy all the Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UG and PG Courses in France. This post encircles all the admission procedure as well as the eligibility criteria required for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the French Universities. The student should note that these requirements may vary as according to university and also from time to time. Therefore, it is required to be updated of the official notification regarding these requirements.

Eligibility Requirements – For UG Courses in French Universities:

The student must remember that it is obligatory to meet all the Eligibility Requirements for the UG Courses before applying for these courses in the French Universities.

• The student who would like to attend the undergraduate program in France must have a high school diploma or the equivalent.
• It is required to have the French baccalaureate or degree equivalent to this.
• UG Admissions in France required the student to pass the University admission examination from the home country.
• If the student is interested in the technology institutes, then he should be ready to appear in the personal interview round.
• The candidates are also required to submit the IELTS/ TOEFL scores.

Eligibility Requirements – For UG Courses in French Grandes Ecoles:

• The student is required to have the baccalaureate or equivalent diploma.
• The student will be ranked as according to the competitive examination which is organized at the end of two years preparation program i.e. CGPE.

Eligibility Requirements – For PG Courses:

France has the good reputation for their excellent postgraduate study programs. The postgraduate programs offered in French Universities are really best of the best. In order to apply for the PG courses in French Universities, it is required to satisfy the Eligibility Requirement for PG Courses. Also, the postgraduate programs in French fall into three categories namely Taught masters, Research masters, and Doctorates and Ph.D.

• The prime requirement for the students who are applying for the master’s program is that they must have the relevant Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent degree diploma.
• The students who are applying for the doctoral program must possess the master’s degree or relevant diploma
• French Universities will often require the scores of the standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT etc.
• Grandes Ecoles will set their own examination which is required to qualify in order take admission.
• It may be possible that some universities will provide admission on the basis of the interview level.
• It is also required to submit the academic transcripts for the UG degree. These transcripts must be certified by the institution that granted the student’s existing degree.

Admission Procedure – For the UG and PG Courses in France:

The students who wish to pursue their study in French Universities must know the detailed Admission Requirement for the UG and PG courses. The Admission Procedure for UG and PG Courses is given here:

• The students can obtain the application form by downloading the same from the official website of the respected university. The student can even obtain the application form from the France embassy in the home country.
• After submitting the filled application form, the student will get the offer from French University if he is meeting all the eligibility requirements.
• The student will then get the respected student ID from the Universities in order to complete their study.
• The application form must be submitted before the deadline otherwise the university will not accept the same.

These are Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UG and PG Courses in France and other requirements can be found from the official brochures of French Universities.



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