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Below you will find Admission Requirements for Study in Singapore, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Procedure for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs. Singapore is one of the top study destinations for the Asian students. It offers the world –class education and an excellent infrastructure. If the candidate would like to pursue his higher education in Singapore then it is required to satisfy all the Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UG and PG Courses in Singapore. These requirements may vary as according to the University or institution which is chosen for study.

Eligibility Requirements – For UG Courses:

If the students want to take admissions in the undergraduate courses in the Singapore Universities, then it compulsory to satisfy all the Eligibility Requirements for UG Courses.

• For the UG courses, it is required to complete class 12th or an equivalent exam from the recognized board. The Singapore Universities give preference to some boards like CBSE and ICSE as compared to the state boards.
• It is required that class 12th examination is qualified with 85% minimum marks.
• Admissions in UG Courses require that the candidate must submit the IELTS/ TOEFL marks to the University authorities.
• The academic transcripts are required to be submitted to the University authorities only in the English language.

Some Standardized UG Examinations:

There are various examinations which are conducted in order to provide admissions in the Top Universities of Singapore. Some of them are described here.

• TOEFL: It is organized by ETS, USA and accepted by the Singapore Universities. This examination is conducted to check the student’s ability to speak and understand the North American English language.

• IELTS: IELTS is organized by the University of Cambridge to check the proficiency of English. There are four parts and the overall score is then calculated by combining the scores in all sections. The accepted average for the Singapore Universities for all overall score is 6.5.

• SAT: SAT is the standardized examination conducted by the College Board. This is the examination which is conducted to offer the admissions to the undergraduate courses.

Eligibility Requirements – For PG Courses:

The Eligibility Requirements for the PG Courses in Singapore are mentioned here. It is required to fulfill all the eligibility conditions in order to take the admission in the PG courses.

• Admissions in the PG Courses required that the candidate must possess the bachelor’s degree or equivalent from the recognized and reputed University or institute.
• Score cards of GMAT, GRE etc are needed to be submitted to the University authorities.
• For the admission in the MBA course, it is required that the student must have the 2 – 3 years of work experience.
• A minimum 2.8 CGPA at the graduation level is compulsory.

Admission Procedure – For UG and PG Courses:

If the candidate wishes to take admissions in the UG and PG courses then it is required to know the Admission Procedure for UG and PG Courses.

• The student can obtain the application form through the official website of the selected University.
• There is no central agency for the admissions to the higher education in the Singapore Universities. The candidate needs to apply directly to the University in which he is interested.
• The students must have to submit the letter of recommendations and the statement of purpose describing the proper reason for going.
• All the necessary documents must be submitted along with the application form for the Admissions in the UG and PG Courses.
• The candidates are advised to submit the application form and complete the admission procedure before the deadline.

The information regarding the Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UG and PG Courses in Singapore is mentioned here. Other information can be gained by the information brochure of the University.


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