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Below you will find Admission Requirements for Study in USA, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Procedure for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs. The USA is the well – known destination in the world for the international students. Every year, lots of foreign students apply for the UG and PG courses. It should be noted that candidates must have to meet all the eligibility rules of the particular university. This post will guide the students about the exact admission procedure in the Universities of USA. The students can find the complete information regarding the Eligibility and Admission Requirements for the UG and PG Courses in USA here.

Eligibility Requirements – For UG courses in USA:

If the students would like to pursue his graduate level education in the University of USA then it is quite important for him to satisfy all the Eligibility Requirements for the UG Courses. These requirements are mentioned here for the student’s sake of convenience.

• Admission in the UG Courses in USA requires a completion of class 12th examination from any recognized board of the country.
• The acceptable degrees for the UG courses include higher secondary certificate, high school certificate and intermediate certificate.
• An English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL is the must for the students so as to become eligible for the UG courses in the USA.

Some Standardized test:


This test is obligatory for the international students who would like to apply for the graduate courses in the universities of the USA.

• Other required tests:

SAT I, SAT II and ACT are the other standardized tests which are required by the some universities.

Eligibility Requirements – For PG Courses in USA:

The Eligibility Requirements for the PG Courses in USA is mentioned here. It is mandatory that the students must check their eligibility before applying for the PG Courses in the Universities of the USA.

• For the Admissions in the Pg Courses in USA require the completion of 16 years previous education from any recognized university.
• Experience will be preferred by some universities.
• All the transcripts or mark sheets of the educational qualification must be needed by the Universities of the USA.
• Some Universities may also require the valid scores in some of the standardized tests like GRE. This Graduate Record exam can be given any time and the scores of the same will be valid for 5 years.

Admission Procedure – For UG and PG Courses in USA:

The Admission procedure for the UG and PG Courses in USA is mentioned here. The admission procedure is quite simple. These admission requirements may vary from university to university. Therefore, the students are suggested to check the admission procedure here.

• The student can obtain the application form by three ways namely:

It can be downloaded from the official website of the University.
It can be requested via email.

The application form can also be obtained by requesting the same via airmail.

• The candidate can send the inquiries at least 15 to 18 months before the proposed date of admission.
• It is required to submit the secondary school reports and transcripts of the final examination along with the application form.
• If the transcript is not in English then it is compulsory to attach the good English translation with it otherwise it will not be acceptable.
• A Recommendation letter is the obligatory in the Admission Procedure of PG Courses in USA. Recommendation letter is the signed statement by the person who knows the student professionally. It is advised to attach at least two letters of recommendation as this may increase your chance of admission.
• Along with the recommendation letter, statement of purpose is also required for the admission in the Universities of the USA.

This is the required Eligibility and Admission Requirements for UG and PG Courses in USA. These requirements may vary from University to University. Therefore, the students are advised to refer the official website of the university before taking admissions.


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