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Are you searching for the best animation courses after 12th? You are actually standing at the crossroad of opportunities as far as your choice is concerned. There are various opportunities on offer, from B.A and B.Sc graduate courses to specialized certificate and diploma courses in animation. Click and discover the best animation courses after class 12th 2023 and find all the information you may want right from admission to placement. 

Degree Courses
B. Sc (Multimedia)
B. Sc (Multimedia and Animation)
B.Sc (Animation)
B.Design (Multimedia)
B.Design (Multimedia)
B.Sc Graphic Design
BA in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (BA [AVFX])
BA in VFX animation (Arena Animation) approved by Mahatama Gandhi University
BFA (Animation) (JNAFNU)

Advanced diploma courses
Graduate Diploma in Print, Broadcast, online or multimedia journalism
2D and 3D Animation
3D Game development and programming
ACGPS (Advanced CG Pipeline) Specialization
Advanced diploma in 3D animation
Advanced diploma in animation and gaming
Advanced diploma in Digital Animation
Advanced diploma in Game Art
Animaster Maya Professional
Animation Film Making

Certificate courses
Certificate Course in Adobe Photoshop    
Certificate Course in Adobe Illustrator    
Certificate Course in Adobe In Design
Certificate Course in Adobe Premier    
Certificate Course in Particle Illusion
Certificate Course in Flash    
Certificate Course in Director    
Certificate Course in Anime Studio    
Certificate Course in Dream weaver