• Is MBA after engineering degree worth It

    Many believe that doing a post graduate course (especially MBA) gives a person a ticket to huge salary and Professionals equipped with technical as well as non technical skill sets are in huge demand today. Companies are offering huge pay package to lure them. No wonder then the engineering graduates too are tempted by this phenomenon. But is it really worth it?

    Why MBA helps:-

    The career growth of an engineer is a steady one. As you gain experience, you move up the ladder (career and money wise). So why does a technical person need an MBA? One of the major reasons is that it offers a major jump in career as well as money growth. A major example is of the CEOs of various big organizations who come with different engineering backgrounds and yet have made it to the top courtesy the MBA.

    Fast tracks the career:-

    It is just that you will reach your goal in a lesser time with little lesser efforts. It is not possible to be doing one type of work all through one’s career. So people who are seeking a broader and bigger role for themselves will definitely find MBA to be a big boon. But this does not mean that to reach top level post one needs an MBA.

    Earns you more respect:-

    Also an experienced professional with MBA earns more credibility among his peers and within the organization. He/she come in contact with various important people which in turn help their career even more.

    Broadens your knowledge:-

    Engineering graduates are quite expert and adept at technical aspects. Unfortunately though, that is the only area that they are very knowledgeable about. An MBA degree will open up an engineer to various aspects of an organization. By specializing in IT, the person will add a new dimension to their career.

    Big Pay package:-

    Another incentive of doing MBA after engineering degree is that the engineer, who was earning around 35k to 40k, can find himself/herself with a salary of above 1 lac.


    Do not pursue just because pay package and career growth are very tempting. You must make a jump only if you are very serious about a career in managerial or administrative role. Otherwise you will lose a great technical career growth or even end up in the very sticky situation.

    Working in managerial role might mean you will do less of technical work. So if you are comfortable and happy to do less technical stuff then it should not worry you.

    So there you have it. Now that you know what you can expect by doing MBA after engineering, it is time to decide. Best of luck.