• Aerospace Engineering

  • Academy for Aeronautics and Computer Science offers Aerospace Engineering which is a four years degree course divided in two sections.

    Fees :
  • Syllabus


    "Section A"
    Fundamental of Design & Manufacturing
    Material Science & Engineering
    Computing & Informatics
    Society & Environment
    Mechanical Science
    Engineering Physics & Chemistery
    Engineering Drawing & Graphics
    Electronics & Instrumentation
    Engineering Mathematics
    Electrical Science
    "Section B"
    Engineering Management
    Principals of Flight
    Aircraft Performance Stability & Control
    Aircraft General Systems & Maintainance Practices
    Aircraft Propulsion
    Airworthiness & Air Regulation
    Optional Subject
    Optional Subject
    Optional Subject
    Optional Subjects (Any three from any one group)
    Group I Avionics
    Digital Electronics & Microprocessors
    Maintence of Aircraft Electrical & Instrument System
    Aircraft Instruments
    Control Theory & Practice
    Group II Production & Maintainance (Mechanical)
    Aerospace Material & Processess 
    Aerospace Material & Processess
    Maintainance of Airframes and systems
    Maintaince of Aircraft Power Plants and Systems
    Production Management
    Group III Productin & Maintainance (Electrical)
    Aerospace Material & Processes
    Digital Electronics and Microprocessors
    Maintainance of Aircraft Electrical & Instruments System 
    Maintainance of Radio Comm. and Systems
    Production Management
  • Eligibility

    Candidates with a pass certificate of 10 + 2 with science and maths as one of the subject is eligible for this course.

  • About Academy for Aeronautics and Computer Science

    Academy for Aeronautics and Computer Science was established in the year 2004. The institute is known for providing some quality technical training in the field of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering. It is a unique institute that is meant f..