• Bachelor of Computer Science (BSC)


    It is a three years integrated course approved by AICTE and is divided in 6 semesters. The college has well equipped laboratories for training sessions and also a team of highly qualified faculty members are appointed for better future of students.
    Fees :
  • Syllabus


    First Year
    Discrete Mathematics I & II
    Calculus Methods I & II
    Statistical Methods I & II
    Practical Course Electronics:
    Solid State Physics and Electronics & Digital Electronics I
    Circuit Analysis I & II
    Practical Course I & II
    Computer Science:
    Introduction to computer & Data Structures I
    Introduction to programming & Pascal
    Practical Course I & II
    Second Year
    Linear Algebra & Computational Geometry
    Numerical Methods & Operations Research
    Practical Course I & II
    Computer Organisation I & II
    Digital Electronics II & Linear Electronics 
    Practical Course I & II
    Third Year
    Computer Science:
    System Programming I & II
    Software Packages I (DOS) & II (UNIX)
    Data Communications I & II
    Files and  Database & Computer Sided Graphics
    Commercial Applications I & II
    Computer Hardware I & II
    Theoretical Computer & Compiler Construction Science
    Practical course I & II & III
    Data Structure II & 'C' and Assembly
    COBOL & System Analysis
    Practical Course I & II
  • Eligibility

    Candidates with a pass certificate of 10 + 2 with science and maths as one of the subject is eligible for this course.

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