• PhD in Ayurved

  • Duration - Minimum is 2 years till completion of study
    Affiliation - Mumbai University
    Fees :
  • Syllabus

  • Eligibility

    Qualification - B.A.M.S.
    Selection procedure - Depends on the availability of Guide from Podar Ayurved Institute. Guides and recognition of Departments by the University is available in 8 different subjects. One may need to contact the Guides individually and personally
    Capacity - 2 candidates in each of the 8 departments.
  • About R A Podar Ayurved Medical College

    R.A.Podar Ayurved Medical College, Mumbai was set up in the year 1941. It is Ayurveda College, Ayurveda Hospital and Institute of Contemporary Ayurved Research and Education in Ayurveda. In the last 60 years the institute has reached to the sta..