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Below you will find Cost of Study in Canada, Living Costs in Canada, Tuition fees for Studying in Canada for International Students. Cost is the first issue in everyone’s mind when it comes to the study in abroad. Along with the study, the cost of living also matters. The Cost for Studying and Living in Canada is quite reasonable and affordable as compared to the other countries like U.S., U.K. and Australia. The detailed description regarding expenses at the various levels is illustrated here. The students can get the complete information regarding the average Cost for Studying and Living in Canada here.

Cost of Living in Canada:-

• Rent of apartment: approximately from CA $ 400 to CA$ 1500
• Transportation: CA $ 90 per month
• Leisure activities: CA $ 40 per person
• Loaf of bread: CA $ 20 per person

Cost of Study in Canada – Average course cost:-

The average Cost of Study in Canada is illustrated here. This cost may vary as according to the chosen course and university. This cost can be estimated by the expert analysis and from the trusted sources. The Tuition fee varies as according to the provinces and program.


Field of study

Undergraduate (in Canadian dollars)

Graduate (in Canadian dollars)


$ 14, 600

$ 12, 742

Visual and performing arts and communication technologies

$ 17, 530

$ 12, 152


$ 18, 365

$ 12, 633

Social and behavioral science

$ 18, 078

$ 12, 461


$ 21, 819

$ 14, 315


$ 16, 435

$ 11, 585

Veterinary medicine

$ 51, 538

$ 8, 364

Math and information science

$ 20, 699

$ 12, 113


This cost is just the estimated average cost. The candidates are suggested to refer the prospectus of the particular university so as to know the exact Cost of Study in Canada.

Vancouver is the one of the most expensive cities in Canada which incurs you more expenses as compared to the other cities in Canada. The average expenses of living and study in this city are illustrated here.

• Transportation: CA $ 92.50
• Basic Utilities (the internet, cable etc): CA $ 75.12
• Sports and leisure: CA $ 47.21
• Rent per month (1 room apartment): CA $ 1.542 per month
• Restaurants: CA $ 65 for two persons

This cost is based on the regular and consistent data. This is the just the average estimated Cost of Study and Living in Canada. To know the exact prices of everything, the students are suggested to refer the official brochure of the university and courses.


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