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Below you will find Cost of Study in France, Living Costs in France, Tuition fees for Studying in France for International Students. France is the fourth study destination in the world for the international students. The Cost of Study and Living in France depends on the lifestyle and the institution or university which is chosen for the study purpose. Cost is the major issue when it comes to the abroad study. Although, the cost of living in France is quite reasonable but it rises with the combination of accommodation, bills, food etc. This article encircles the average cost of living and study as per various analysis and surveys.

Cost of Living in France:-

• Accommodation:

Student Hall of residence: 150 to 600 Euros per month
Rent/ share an apartment: 400 to 700 Euros per month

• Food: 200 to 250 Euros per month
• Transportation: 17 to 33 Euros per month
• Electricity: 45 Euros per month
• Monthly telephone rental: 20 Euros per month
• Broadband internet fee: 30 Euros per month
• Cable TV: 35 Euros per month
• Other leisure activities: approx. 48 Euros per month

Cost of Study in France:

The Cost of Study in France basically depends on the University or the institution which is chosen for the study purpose. The tuition fee is less at the public universities as compared to the private universities. The cost also varies as according to the undergraduate and postgraduate course.

Public Universities:

• For UG engineering course: 620 Euros per year
• For UG medicine course: 452 Euros per year
• For Master’s: 260 Euros per year
• For Ph.D. course: 396 Euros per year

Private Universities:

• Annual tuition fee: 1, 500 to 6,000 Euros
• Business schools: 5, 000 to 7, 000 Euros per year

The Cost of Study and Living in France varies as according to the chosen course, city and university or institute. This is just the average cost as per the surveys and the analysis. To know the exact cost, the students can refer to the official websites of the university.

Paris is the most appealing study destination in the world. This is quite expensive and incurs more expenses as compared to the other cities of France. The detailed chart of the estimated cost in Paris is illustrated here.

• Transportation: 70 Euros
• Basic utilities (including the internet): 205 Euros
• Leisure activities: 77 Euros
• Accommodation:

In the city center: 1, 077 Euros
Outside the city: 777 Euros

This is the complete chart of the estimated Cost of Study and Living in France. This is only the brief analysis which can be refined by visiting the official websites of different universities or institutions.


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