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Below you will find Cost of Study in New Zealand, Living Costs in New Zealand, Tuition fees for Studying in New Zealand for International Students. Most of the Students always want to check the Study Cost and Living Expenses in particular Location and then take the decision to choose the right location for them in the New Zealand. As the Cost of Living and Study mainly depends upon the choices of the students i.e. Location Preference, Institution Preferences, Course Preferences and the Residential Preferences etc.; We are providing the complete detail about the average expenses of students in New Zealand which will be beneficial for the Students. The estimations are available here as per the reports published and survey organized in the New Zealand.

Cost of Living in New Zealand:

• Food Cost: NZ$192.50
• Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco etc.: NZ$29.50
• Clothing and Footwear Cost: NZ$31.60
• Household Utilities and Housing Cost: NZ$272.90
• Household Content and Service Cost: NZ$48.80
• Health Cost: NZ$27.10
• Transport Cost: NZ$158.10
• Communication Cost: NZ$35.80
• Recreation and Cultural Cost: NZ$107.20
• Education Cost: NZ$18.40
• Miscellaneous Goods and Services: NZ$101.70
• Other Expenditure: NZ$116.30

Cost of Studying in New Zealand:

The Cost of Studying in the New Zealand will depend on the Course and the Institution choice of the Students. The Cost of Education of various Institutions situated in the New Zealand is different. For the more information, Students should check the Information Brochure released by the Institutions at the time of admission.

• Approximate Cost of the Under Graduate Degree: NZ$18,000 to NZ$25,000
• Approximate Cost of the Post Graduate Degree: NZ$10,000 to NZ$30,000
• Approximate Cost of the Under Graduate Degree in Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities: NZ$10,000 to NZ$12,000
• Approximate Cost of the Under Graduate Degree in Science and Technology: NZ$14,000 to NZ$18,000

However, the average cost of the Living and Study in the New Zealand will be varied between NZ$7,000 to NZ$12,000 and it will mainly depend on the Student’s Lifestyle and their Accommodation options.

This Post will be further refined by the detailed analysis of the Information available on the official websites as well as from the other sources so keep on checking the updates available here.


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