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Below you will find Cost of Study in UK, Living Costs in UK, Tuition fees for Studying in UK for International Students. Whenever it comes to foreign education, most number of people gets jitters owing to the eye-popping Cost of Study and Living there. But, the increasing number of financial aid and other factors such as the duration of courses, institutions chosen, location, residential preferences etc may help you reduce your expenses a great deal. The following article is all about the details of the average costs as per some analysis, surveys and other official sources which will help you greatly in finding the expenditure on studying and living.

Costs of Living in UK:

• Rent: 360 to 700 pounds
• Food: 150 to 250 pounds
• Internet: 20 to 60 pounds
• Electricity and Gas: 40 to 80 pounds
• Laundry and Toiletries: 10 to 40 pounds
• Mobile Charges: 10 to 50 pounds
• Photocopy, printing, text books and other stationary charges: 25 to 50 pounds

Cost of Study and Living in UK – Average Course Costs:

Though various costs will be different for the different courses and institutions; and the costs of the medical and other specialized courses will be high; the following average costs have been arrived at by the analysis of the NUS (National Union of Students) as well as the other reputed sources. They are for an estimation of expenses:

• Tuition Fees: 8354 Pounds
• Books and Equipment: 1070 Pounds
• Travel: 709 Pounds

Please note that these Costs of Study and Living in UK will vary as per the country chosen, the course chosen and institute etc. So, refer to the official brochures before taking any admission.

London is an expensive city and living there is going to incur you more expenses as compared to other places. Hence, the average expenses for London have been mentioned separately in the following section:

• Course Costs: 10133 pounds
• Household Goods: 315 pounds
• Food: 1956 Pounds
• Rent: 6143 Pounds
• Insurance: 65 Pounds
• Travel: 1524 Pounds
• Personal Items: 2074 Pounds
• Leisure: 1310 Pounds

However, the average income of the students from the funding and loans amounts to 17450 pounds in each academic year. Hence, a student will require paying a rough amount of 6000 pounds in a year to support the education as well as the living.

This completes a brief analysis of the Cost of Study and Living in UK which can be refined further by visiting the official websites and contacting the authorities.


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