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Find all the requisite details regarding AIPMT 2017 Exam like its important dates, eligibility conditions, syllabus, admit card etc. here. The AIPMT 2017 Exam will be supposed to be organized on the first Sunday of May 2017. Central board of secondary education is the official body of the examination. The exam will be held so as to offer admissions in the medical courses. This is the best medical competitive examination for the medical courses which is conducted at the All India level. T

AIPMT 2017 Eligibility Norms:

In order to apply for this deemed examination, it is quite imperative to satisfy the eligibility criteria. These norms are set by exam official authority i.e. CBSE. AIPMT 2017 Eligibility Criteria are the set of rules and conditions which the aspirant must have to satisfy.

• It is a must that the candidate must be at least of 17 years and the upper age limit is 25 years.
• The candidate’s eligibility must be Indian.
• The candidate must have passed the 12th examination with 50% in PCB.

AIPMT 2017 Admission Procedure:

The AIPMT exam Admission Procedure constitutes of two levels. These levels are explained step - wise. The aspirant can only join the next stage is he has cleared the preceding one. The levels are:

• AIPMT 2017 Entrance Exam
• AIPMT 2017 Counselling which will be conducted in three rounds

AIPMT Registration / Application Form

AIPMT 2017 Online Application Form / Registration:-

Apply online at website:- http://aipmt.nic.in

Candidate should have scanned images of his latest Photograph (size of 10 Kb to 100 Kb), Signature (size of 3 Kb to 20 Kb) and Right Hand Index Finger (size of 3 Kb to 20 Kb) in JPG format only.

FOR GENERAL/OBC -  Rs.1400/- (INR)
FOR SC/ST/PH -   Rs.750/-  (INR)

FOR GENERAL/OBC -   Rs.2800/-  (INR) (Rs.1400+Rs.1400)
FOR SC/ST/PH -  Rs.2150/-  (INR) (Rs.750+Rs.1400)


Mode of payment of fee:-

Through any Debit/Credit Card using on-line gateway payment facility or

Through e-Challan by depositing fee in CBSE’s Bank Account maintained by Syndicate Bank, *Canara Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank directly by downloading the e-challan Form from the website of www.aipmt.nic.in

Net Banking

e-wallet of Common Service Centre (CSC).

AIPMT Exam Dates

AIPMT 2017 Date:- 

AIPMT 2017 Admit Card:

It is obligatory to have the hall ticket so as to enter the examination otherwise you are strictly not allowed to attend the examination. AIPMT 2017 Admit Card is the mandatory document which contains all the requisite information.

•  The candidate can download the admit card in the last week of April 2017 onwards.
• The admit card will be only released online and no physical dispatch is there.
• Must retain minimum 2 copies of admit card for the purpose of safety. In case one copy is lost or torn the other one will come handy.
• In case of any flaw in admit card, contact the official authority as soon as possible.
• The candidate must have to show this document to the invigilator as this provides your identification.

AIPMT 2017 Result:

The Result for AIPMT 2017 will be announced by the exam official authority soon after the completion of the main examination. This result will be published online on its official website. The candidates for the further round will be shortlisted via this declared result.

• The result will be declared only for qualified candidates.
• It will be tentatively declared in the month of June 2017.
• The result will not inform to the students individually.
• Scorecards, merit list and name wise result will be released thereafter.

Top Medical Colleges in India

AIPMT Colleges

AIPMT Syllabus

AIPMT 2017 Syllabus:-

The Syllabus of AIPMT 2017 is illustrated here for the candidates so that the preparation can be commenced properly. It is quite mandatory to go through the AIPMT 2017 Syllabus so that the candidate can qualify the examination.

• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Zoology

AIPMT 2017 Detailed Syllabus:


• Modern Physics
• Ray Optics
• Motions in 2D
• Heat and Thermodynamics
• Wave Motion
• Units Dimensions
• Errors
• Laws of Motion
• Work Energy Power
• Gravitation
• Simple Harmonic Motion
• Electrostatics
• Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
• Current Electricity
• Electromagnetic Induction
• Motion in One Dimension
• Heating and Chemical Effects of Current
• EM Waves
• Wave Optics
• Solids and Semiconductor Devices
• Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum
• Physics of Nucleus
• Radioactivity
• X-Rays
• Rotational Motion
• Alternating Current
• Circular Motion
• Fluids
• Elasticity
• Kinetic Theory of Gases
• Principles of Communication
• Capacitance
• Vector Motions


• p-block Elements
• Transition Elements (d and f block)
• Amines and Diazonium Salts (Comp. containing Nitrogen)
• Alcohol Phenol Ether
• Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
• Environmental Chemistry
• Mole Concepts
• Electrochemistry
• Chemical Equilibrium
• Chemical Bonding
• Atomic Structure
• Principles and Processes of Extraction (Metallurgy)
• Nuclear Chemistry
• Gaseous State
• Periodic Classification of Elements
• Aldehyde Ketone
• General Organic Chemistry
• Ionic Equilibrium
• Coordination Compounds
• s-block Elements
• Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives
• Redox Reactions
• Surface Chemistry
• Chemical Kinetics
• Solid State
• Biomolecules
• Polymers
• Solutions
• Chemical Thermodynamics
• Purification Characterization Organic Compounds


• Human Health Diseases
• Chordata
• Animalia - Porifera to Echinodermata
• Animal Nutrition
• Plantae
• Animal Tissues
• Origin of Life
• Monera
• Cell
• Cell Respiration
• Photosynthesis
• Animal Reproduction and Developemt
• Food Production-Plant Breeding
•  Environmental Issues
• Biodiversity
• Circulation of Body Fluids
• Plant Morphology
• Cell Division
• Plant Water Relations
• Animal Respiration
• Chemical Coordination
• Movement and Locomotion
• Nervous Coordination
• Sensory System
• Ecology
• Food Production-Animal Husbandry
• Anatomy of Flowering Plants
• Fungi
• Protista
• Mineral Nutrients
• Plant Growth
• Excretion
• Application of Biotechnology
• Genetics
• Genetics-Molecular Basis of Inheritance
• Reproduction in Higher Plants
• Animal Morphology
• Biotechnology Principles and Processes
• Microbes in Human Welfare
• Biomedical Technologies
• Growth Repair and Regeneration

Paper Pattern

AIPMT 2017 Paper Pattern:-

Exam pattern of AIPMT 2017 will let the candidate know the exact structure, type of questions and marking scheme of the main examination. The candidates will be able to devise the best exam cracking strategy by preparing as per the exam pattern.

• The exam will be conducted in pen paper mode.
• The paper will be bilingual i.e. in Hindi and English.
• There are 180 questions in the exam.
• There are 4 sections and each section carries 45 questions.
• For every correct answer, 4 marks will be allotted.
• 1 mark will be deducted for wrong answers.
• 3 hours will be given to complete the examination.

AIPMT Preparation

AIPMT 2017 Preparation Tips:

The beneficial and helpful AIPMT Preparation Tips 2017 are prescribed for the sake of convenience of the candidates. The aspirants are suggested to not only read but also follow these tips and tricks so as to achieve success.

• The candidates must know the tricks to manage time.
• It is imperative to study each and every topic of the syllabus as the questions can come from anywhere in the syllabus.
• Attempt only confident questions.
• Do not attempt questions in haste and make only intelligent guesses.

AIPMT Notification

AIPMT 2017 Notification:-



Click Here to download AIPMT 2016 Information Bulletin.


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