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Andhra University Visakhapatnam conducts Andhra University Engineering Entrance Test (AUEET) for admission to following courses.
(i) 6 - Year B.Tech + M.Tech Dual Degree Programmes (with Entrance test Annexure -II for Syllabus)  (i) Admissions into 6 Year B.Tech.+M.Tech. Dual Degree Programmes will be processed as per rank obtained in the Entrance Test conducted by Directorate of Admissions, A.U.
(ii) The Candidates admitted in 6 Year B.Tech + M.Tech Dual Degree Programmes can avail exit option after the completion of 4 Years course period. They will be given B.Tech degree.
Eligibility criteria for AUEET 2023:-
10 + 2 with Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry with minimum 50% Marks.

AUEET Registration / Application Form

AUEET 2022 Application/Registration Procedure:- 
Apply online at website - www.audoa.in or www.andhrauniversity.edu.in

Registration and Processing Fee : Rs.1200/- (Rs.1000/- for SC / ST / PH) 
Modes of Payments - (a) Union Bank (b) Debit / Credit Card / Net Banking. 


AUEET Exam Dates

AUEET 2023 Date:-

AUEET Syllabus

AUEET 2023 Syllabus:- 
Following the syllabus for AUEET 2023 - entrance test for Engineering Courses
•Vector Algebra
•Co-ordinate Geometery 
• Introduction and Measurement
• Description of motion in one dimension
• Description of motion in two and three dimension
• Laws of Motion
• Work, Energy and Power
• Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Rotation
• Gravitation
• Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
• Heat and Thermodynamics
• Oscillation
• Waves
• Electro statistics
• Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
• Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
• Electromagnetic waves
• Optics
• Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations
• Atomic Nucleus
• Solids and Semi Conductor devices
• Principles of Communication
• Basic Concepts and Atomic Structure
• Bonding and Molecular Structure
• States of Matter
• Periodic Properties of Elements and Hydrogen
• S-Block Elements and Principle of Metallurgy
• P-Block Elements
• D-Block and F-Block Elements
• Thermodynamics
• Chemical Equilibrium
• Solutions
• Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
• Chemical Kinetics
• Surface Chemistry
• Coordination Compounds and organometallics
• Basic Principles, Purification and Characterization of organic compounds
• Hydrocarbons
• Organic Reaction Mechanism
• Stereochemistry
• Organic compounds with functional groups containing halogens
• Organic compounds with functional groups containing oxygen
• Organic compounds with functional groups containing nitrogen
• Polymers and biomolecules
• Environmental Chemistry and Chemistry in everyday life 
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Paper Pattern

AUEET 2023 Paper Pattern:-
The test paper for AUEET 2023 will  consist of 3 parts. Each part contains 30 multiple choice questions. Answer to all questions in each part are to be entered on OMR sheet. 
Maximum marks: 100
Time: 90 minutes (01 hour) 
•Part -A:Mathematics (40 marks)
•Part - B: Physics (30 marks)
•Part - C: Chemistry (30 marks)

AUEET Preparation

AUEET 2023 Preparation:- 
TIP #01: Prepare for a timetable for study.
TIP# 02: Allocate sufficient time for study of topics.
TIP# 03: For maths and physics section practise sums and be thorough with formulaes and theorems. 
TIP# 04: Practise Sample Papers.
TIP# 05: Revise what you study and read on a regular basis. 

AUEET Notification

AUEET 2023 Notification:-
Apply online at website - http://auvspdoa.in or https://andhrauniversity.edu.in
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