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Architecture is beyond any doubt an attractive and high paying career option that has a lot of potential. Pursuing an M.Arch after graduation (B.Arch) helps students in tracking and unraveling career options in various streams through integrated and regular courses. Students also have the option of pursuing M.Arch courses through correspondence from certain colleges and universities in India. Take your pick of the best M.Arch courses in India 2023.


M.Arch Courses in India: M.Arch Courses in India can be pursued in the following specializations
•Architectural Conservation
•Architecture and Construction Project Management
•Building Automation
•Building Engineering & Management
•Computer Aided Architectural Design
•Digital Architecture
•Environmental Architecture
•Environmental Planning
•Industrial Design
•Interior Architecture
•International Architecture
•Landscape Architecture
•Regional Planning
•Rural Architecture
•Sustainable Architecture
•Sustainable Humane Habitat
•Town and Country Planning
•Transportation Planning and Design
•Urban and Regional Planning
•Urban Design
•Valuation and Arbitration