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The need for medical specialization has led to a spurt of aspirants taking up paramedical courses in India. These courses are important for paramedics who wish to gain specialization in improved diagnosis and therapy. Please note that the listed paramedical colleges offering these courses are approved by the Paramedical Council of India which is a separate professional body with guidelines and regulations. Following is a detailed list of paramedical courses in India 2023.
Bachelor Degree Courses 
•BPT - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
•BPT - Bachelor of Physio / Physical Therapy
•Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineering
•BSc ( Audiology and Speech Therapy )
•BSc ( Ophthalmic Technology )
•Bachelor ( Mental Rehabilitation ) - BMR
•BSc ( Human Biology )
•BSc ( Radiography )
•BSc ( Radio Therapy )
•BSc ( Nuclear Medicine )
•BSc ( Respiratory Therapy Technology )
•BSc ( Medical Technology X-Ray )
•BSc ( Medical Secretarial Service )
•BSc ( Operation Theatres )
•BSc ( Medical Laboratory Technology )
•BSc ( Allied Health Services )
•BSc ( Bio - Medical Technique )
•Bachelor of Speach, Language, & Hearing (BSLH)
•Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science
Diploma Courses
•Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology
•Diploma in Transfusion Medical Technology
•Diploma in Vascular Surgery Technology
•Diploma in Dialysis Technology
•Diploma in ECG Technology
Certificate Courses
•Certificate Course In Laboratory Technique
•Certificate Course In Sanitary Inspector Training
•Certificate Course In Radiography
•Certificate Course In X-Ray Technician
•Certificate Course In Dark Room Assistant
•Certificate Course In Optician & Refractionist
•Certificate Course In Ortho-Optists