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Below you will find Scholarships for Studying in Germany for Undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate Studies. Germany is now becoming a popular destination for the international students for the study purpose. The German universities offer the diverse range of courses at the cheapest rates as compared to U.S., U.K. and Australia. Also, it provides various government and university – specific scholarships for the students. The list of available Scholarships for Study in Germany is given here.


Scholarships for Universities in Germany:

Government – Funded Scholarships for Studying in Germany:

• DAAD Scholarships:

It is the government – funded scholarship for the international students at various degree levels.

• Erasmus+

It is the largest provider of the scholarship which is provided to the international students to study in Europe. It is available for the several courses like master and Ph.D.

Scholarships for Studying in Germany – Non- Government:

• Einstein International Postdoctoral fellowship:

This scholarship is for the postdoctoral research at the University of Berlin.
Sponsored by: Einstein Education

• Mawista Scholarship
This scholarship is for those who are studying in abroad while taking care of their child and for those who pursuing their study in Germany. This is one of the well – known Scholarships for Studying in Germany.

• Marie Curie International incoming fellowships for developing countries:
It is the postdoctoral research scholarship for the international students.

• Kurt Hansen Science Scholarship:
It is the scholarship for those who are taking education in the field of science.
Sponsored by: Bayer foundation

• Deutschland Stipendium:
It is the merit – based scholarship of € 300 a month. It is available for highly talented students of German Universities.

• The Helmholtz Association:
This scholarship is available for doctoral and postdoctoral students around the world.

Scholarships for Studying in Germany – University Specific:

• DRD Scholarships for Sub – Saharan Africans:
This is the merit – based scholarships for the students of the developing countries of Sub – Saharan Africa at Ruhr University Bochum.
Level: Masters in development management

• GeT MA Scholarships for international students:
This is the scholarship for the non – German or the international students.
Available at: Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin
Level: German – Turkish masters in social science

• Hessnatur Scholarship:
Scholarship for the international students at ESMOD in Berlin and one of the popular Scholarships for Studying in Germany
Level: Master’s level in fashion

• KAAD scholarships for developing countries:
Available for: International students from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Middle – East.
Level: Master’s and Ph.D.
The student must be of Catholic – Christian denomination and have the German language skills.


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