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Below you will find Scholarships for Studying in UK for Undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate Studies. UK is one of the leading international education providers with consistent global rankings for almost all the colleges and universities of repute. A number of international students fly down there to pursue the education. To help out all the brilliant students in getting the studies completed as well as support their admissions fees; a number of Governmental Funding Schemes and Scholarships are available. The following guide on the Scholarship for Study in UK will be a real help for all the students hunting down one for them.

Scholarships for Universities in UK – Funding schemes of the Government for the International Students:

• Commonwealth Scholarships for the Developing Commonwealth Countries:
Level: Masters and PHD
For: The students from the commonwealth countries (developing)

• British Chevening Scholarships:
Level: Full or Part time funding in any Graduate Program
For: International Students funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partners

• Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities:
Level: Masters Program in UK
For: Courses relevant to the development of the economy, technology, or society within the region of the student’s own country

Scholarship for Studying in UK – Non Governmental:

• Euraxess UK:
For: All Countries
Funding Opportunity: UK Research Placements

• Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan:
For: Commonwealth Countries
Level: Doctoral Studies and Masters Courses

• Entente Cordiale:
For: France and UK
Level: PG Courses

• Tullow Group Scholarship Schemes:
For: Students of Gabon, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mauritania, Kenya, Suriname, Uruguay, Uganda
Level: PG Courses

• Young Cell Scheme:
For: Kosovo
Level: PG Masters Studies in the EU

• Hornby Educational Trust Scholarships:
For: Selected Countries
Level: Graduate Level

• Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships:
For: China, Canada, India and USA
Level: UG, Masters and PHD level

Scholarship for Studying in UK – University Specific Scholarships:

• Bristol University International Scholarships
• University of Birmingham International Postgraduate Scholarships
• Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students
• University of Nottingham International Scholarships
• Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships
• Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships
• University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships
• Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford
• University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships
• Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students
• University of Westminster Scholarships for International Students


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