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Below you will find Scholarships for Studying in USA for Undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate Studies. The list of several governments funded, non – government and University – specific Scholarships for Studying in USA is illustrated here. USA is the prime destination for the higher education nowadays and various numbers of scholarships are provided here for the international students. The description of the same is mentioned here for the students.

Scholarships for Study in USA – Government Funded:

• Fulbright foreign student program:

This is the most popular government – funded Scholarships for Studying in USA. It offers a scholarship for graduate students. This is open to the international students for all courses excluding medicine.

• Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program:

This is one of the renowned non – degree scholarships for the international experienced professionals.

Scholarships for Studying in USA – Non Government:

• Abbey Road Summer Scholarship:

It offers the Scholarship worth $ 1, 000 for art and language students. It is also provided $ 500 for summer enrichments at the institution within the states.

• The Next Gen Scholarship Fund:

This is the scholarship for non – resident and international students. The student must have minimum 3.0 GPA. The scholarship is of worth $ 1, 000.

For Asian Students:

• Japan – United States Friendship Commission:

This is the scholarship which offers a grant program to the Japanese student who wishes to study in USA.

• East – west Center scholarship and fellowships:

This is the scholarship which is offered to the students of the Asia – pacific region.

For Female Students:

• AAUW International Fellowships:

It provides fellowships to the female international students by the American Association of University Women.

Scholarships for Studying in USA – University Specific:

• Iowa State University International Merit Scholarship:

This is the merit – based scholarship which is offered to the high – achieving international students.

• American University Scholarship:

This is the university specific Scholarships for Studying in USA. This scholarship ranges from $ 6000 to $ 25000. This is the merit – based scholarships which will be granted to the academically qualified students.

• Columbia College Scholarship:

It offers 20 scholarships to the outstanding students. The awards are the one – time cash or 25% to 100% tuition fee reduction.

• Harvard University Scholarship:

The Harvard University imparts the good range of international scholarships to the high – achieving students at the Harvard University.


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