• Affiliated Board : ICSE
    Website : http://www.eurokidsindia.com
    Contact Details : Kwakeithel Bazar, Imphal,  Manipur 795001  

Eurokids Kwakeithel Bazar, Imphal offers preschool programs that are appropriate aiming towards the development of your children. School's curriculum is packed with real-world, concrete, sensory experiences where the young learners can touch, see, taste, hear and smell, thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.

Eurokids, Kwakeithel Bazar, Imphal Admissions

Parents can collect the admission kit from the school or can download the form from the official website.
Fill the form and submit it in the school along with registration fees and required documents.


Facilities included in the school are:
• Audio-Visual room
• Ball Room
• Colourful Classrooms
• Computer Room
• Dining Room
• Toys room
• Pre-primary Activity Room
• Sand Pit
• Splash Pool
• Transportation
• Art And Craft Room 

Eurokids, Kwakeithel Bazar, Imphal Address

Kwakeithel Bazar, Imphal, 
Manipur 795001