• Affiliated Board : Manav Mangal Society
    Website : http://chandigarh.manavmangalschool.com/
    Contact Details : Sector - 21, Chandigarh. Tel: 5039039, 5039040  

Manav Mangal School enrolls children of 3+ to Nursery. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi and prepares students for the Board’s All India Secondary School Examination. The medium of instruction is English. Special importance is given to the study of Hindi and Punjabi.

Manav Mangal School Admissions


Manav Mangal School Admission 2022-23



The School offers the best facilities which include well ventilated Classrooms, Library which is fully stocked with rich collection of Books, Science Laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Playground and Transport facilities.

Manav Mangal School Address

Sector - 21, Chandigarh.
Tel: 5039039, 5039040




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Posted By : Bhumi Singla
Posted On : 02 December 2022
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