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  • CLAT Preparation Tips

    Here you will get CLAT Preparation Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Cracking CLAT Exam.

    Daily study routine: Set up a study plan for each day in advance. This will help you to be on track to be prepared for the exam. You set up everyday targets such as number of topics you will cover.

    Practice with previous papers: Go through previous exam papers and try to solve the questions. This is a good way of finding out how prepared you are.

    Time Management: Every second counts during exams. No one wants to waste it. In order to make the best use of the time, learn the ability of time management. Try and set yourself a target of solving a certain number of questions within certain time period.

    Revise: It is easy to forget what we studied at the beginning. To stop this, regularly revise, in small portions, whatever you have studied earlier. This will keep you in touch with subject.

    Relax and stay healthy: Give your body good rest by having good sleep. Eat healthy food to make your memory sharper.

    Choose a good tutor/institute: If you want to join an institute, then do some research before enrolling in it. Choose the best and authentic ones. Since they have the proven track record of success, you will be guided by experienced people.


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