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  • GATE Preparation Tips

    Below you will find GATE 2021 Preparation Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Crack GATE Exam.

    Good preparation plays important role in successfully passing any exam. GATE is no different. You can apply these tips in your quest for excellence.

    • Get basics right: No matter how much you study, if your basics are not good then there is no use of putting hours of hard work.

    • Practice, practice and practice: The more you practice, the more you become familiar with the subject. It will make it easy for you to solve the questions quickly if they are familiar.

    • Time management: Another key aspect of preparation is time management. You should know which areas are your strong and weak points. This will help you get an idea about which questions to attempt first in the exam. This will save you time to solve questions which are your weak points.

    • Revise: Keep revising so that you don’t lose touch with what you have prepared many days ago. But do not mug up things.

    • Relax: It is easy and natural to get tensed before the exam. Get rid of this anxiety by giving your body good rest and sleeping.

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