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  • MAT Preparation Tips

    Here you will find MAT Preparation Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Cracking MAT Exam.

    Back to basics: You should get your basics of mathematics right. There are two sections that test your numerical ability, so it is important that you should be really clear with the basics in mathematics.

    Stay updated: You also need to keep yourself updated with what is happening around you. This will help you in the General Knowledge section of the paper.

    Have a study strategy: You will need to create a strategy so that you can give equal amount of preparation time for each section.

    Take mock test and test yourself: Take mock tests to see how well you are actually prepared. These exams will give you a good idea about whether you are doing the right preparation or need to change it.

    Time Management is the key: Devote some time during the day for practicing time management.