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    Below you will find SSC Maharashtra Board Exam  Preparation Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

    Plan: You need to have a plan to prepare and score well in SSC examination.

    Correct Books: You need to have appropriate textbooks to study each subject. Do not buy each and every book available for the topic.

    In-Depth Study: Study each topic. Do not leave out any topic thinking it to be small or insignificant. Make notes of important topics so that they are easy to understand when you revise it later.

    Test yourself with mock papers: Solve previous exam papers to get a feel of what it is to attempt the subject. This will also teach you time management and will help you greatly in actual exam.

    Revise: Revise regularly whatever you have studied. This will keep you in touch with the subject. Otherwise you if you revise after a long break, everything might appear to be new.

    Sleep and East well: It is very important to have a healthy mind and body. Have good sleep (of about 7-8 hours) as your body needs rest after stressful activity.

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