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Below you will find Student Visa Requirements for New Zealand 2019, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure. Due to Quality Education and Golden Sand Beaches in the New Zealand, a large number of people are rushing towards the New Zealand for the study purpose as well as for having fun too. For assisting these people in getting the Student Visa easily, we have provided here the detailed procedure and the details of the Student Visa Requirements. This article will describe:

• All the requirements of the Student Visa
• Important Links
• Other Relevant Information

Student Visa Requirements for Study in New Zealand – Confirmation of enrollment:

• If the Student is applying for the Student Visa of the New Zealand first time then he/she must have the Offer of the place by the Education Provider that is approved by the New Zealand and the offer must have the following:
Student Details
Approved Education Provider Details
Course or Program Details i.e. Name of the course, duration, fee etc.
Confirmation of the fulfillment of the Pre-requisite requirements of the course by the International students

• If the Student is applying for the Second year of the Education under the same education provider then they must have the letter of confirmation and the letter must have the following:
Course or Program Name
Course Fee Structure
Course Type

Student Visa Requirements – Health Certificate:

• Candidates will have to submit the Health Certificate depending upon the time for which the students require the Student Visa.
• If the Students have the stay of the 6 months then he/she do not need to submit the Health Certificate and if the student applies for the stay of 6 to 12 months or more than 12 months then he/she will have to submit the X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) or the General Medical Certificate.
• The Health Certificates must be prepared by the Immigration New Zealand’ Panel Physician and if the Physician is not available in the country then the students can enter the New Zealand e-Medical reference number in the Application Form.

Student Visa Requirements – Medical and Travel Insurance:

• For applying for the Student Visa, Student should have the Medical and Travel Insurance as they will not be eligible to access the Health and Security Funds.

Student Visa Requirements – Other Requirements:

• Police Certificate – Students having the age of more than 17 years then they have to submit the Police Certificate which they can get from the country of the Citizenship.
• Evidence of Funds- Students has to submit the proof of their funds available in the Bank to show that they will have the sufficient funds to pay their Fee and throughout their visit in the New Zealand.
• Outwards Travel Tickets – Students has to submit the proof that you have the sufficient funds to purchase the return Travel Tickets at the time of the completion of your course.
• Passport –A Copy of the Passport should be submitted by the students that should be valid until the three months last to the completion of the course.
• Legal Guardian –Students having the age less than 13 years must submit the proof of having the Legal Guardians.


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