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Below you will find Student Visa Requirements for Australia 2022, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure. A considerable hike has been witnessed in the number of students rushing to the sunny country of Australia for the study purposes. To assist all of them as well as the one that are planning to move there for study purposes, we have compiled the following post on the Australian Student Visa Requirements. The article will entail:

• All the requisites of the Student Visa
• Important links
• Other relevant details

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Australia in Detail:


• To obtain the visa, the students have to satisfy that the applicant is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). That he or she is coming with an intention of only temporary stay for the study purpose or to support the student as a guardian or parent.
• The final decision regarding the GTE assessment is done by the GTE Decision Maker that ensures and checks the following:

Candidates’ Immigration History

Course Value to the applicants’ future

Potential circumstances of the applicant in Australia and in the Home Country

• The Decision Maker will also conduct an interview to assess the satisfaction of the GTE criteria by the person seeking Australian Student Visa.

CRITERION 2 – Course Enrolment:

• It is important that the applicant has the proof of getting enrolled in a program which will be the offer letter or the enrolment letter.
• The Confirmation of Enrolment also called as the CoE letter can also be submitted by the candidate as a proof.

CRITERION 3 – Financial Requirements:

• The next Requirement of Australian Student Visa is the ability of the candidate to support the education or the course he or she wants to pursue.
• The candidates will have to actually show the amount of funds in their bank accounts which are necessary for the living, education, flying and other activities.
• The limits are set by the Government and the funds should be present in the bank account for the said duration of the residence.
• Further, the student should also show that the person whose bank account is used is able to earn them as per the Australian Student Visa Requirements.
• The candidates can find more details regarding the funds etc in the official handbooks for the visa.

CRITERION 4 – English Proficiency Requirement:

• The candidates will be required to demonstrate that they have the desired level of proficiency in English which is necessary for the course completion in the best way possible.
• For assessment of this Requirement of Australian Student Visa, some tests have been recognized by the Govt. which are as follows:

Person Test of English Academic
(Occupational English Test) OET
(Cambridge Advanced English) CAE

CRITERION 5 – Health Requirements:

• The candidates are to show their medical fitness and well being.
• The medical examination costs are to be borne by the applicants themselves
• Applicants failing the interview or medical exam will not be given any fee refund

CRITERION 6 – Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC):

• It is an insurance which will assist the students in meeting the hospital and medical costs which may arise while studying.
• The Requirements of Australian Student Visa will have OSHC which will also have a limited cover for the Pharmaceuticals and ambulance etc.

Australian Student Visa Requirements – Important Links:



This completes the details of the various requirements for a Student Visa in Australia.


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