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Below you will find Student Visa Requirements for France 2022, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure. If the students would like to pursue their study in France then it is required to know the Student Visa Requirements in France. There are various types of student visa in France depending on the duration of study in France. This post encircles all the details regarding the student visa requirement to assist all the students who are planning to study in France.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in France – A detailed perspective:

The students from different countries can apply through the Campus France which is the national official agency for the higher education and the international students. In order to apply for the visa, the students need to contact the French consulate of the home country where it is required to meet all these requirements.

Requirement 1 – Official letter

• This is the first France Student Visa Requirement. The student must have to provide the official acceptance letter on an accredited program at the French institution.
• This is the official paper which comprises the full details of the student, details of the program including its start and end date.

Requirement 2 – Bank Statement

• This is the proof of required or sufficient funds for living in France.
• The country amount required is almost € 615 per month.
• This is the proof which can be presented with the bank statement, a guarantor’s letter and a notice of funding from a loan grant or scholarship.

Requirement 3 – Medical insurance

• This is another France Student Visa Requirement.
• No university will grant admission without the medical insurance.
• The student must have to present a proof of the medical insurance with the minimum cover of 30, 000 Euros.

Requirement 4 – Return ticket:

• For the student visa, it is required to present the proof of the return ticket.
• This is in the form of the actual ticket showing the date of departure but can be the handwritten statement of intent which includes the intended departure dates.

Requirement 5 – French proficiency requirement

• It is required to show that the student is proficient in the French language which is not only necessary for the course completion but also for living in France.
• This proof will be given if the student is going to study the French language course.

Requirement 6 – Proof of accommodation:

• For the France Student Visa, it is obligatory to show the proof of accommodation.
• It can be shown in the form of student housing confirmation or a certificate of board or ‘attestation d’accueil’ in the case if the student is living with any friend or relative.

Requirement 7 – Visa Photo requirements:

• The size of the photo must be 3.5 cm × 4.5 cm.
• The background of the photo must be clear.
• No goggles or hat is permitted in the photo.

Requirement 8 – Campus France ID:

• Print out of Campus France ID number is required to present

Requirement 9 – Passport requirements:

• In order to apply for France Student Visa, it is required that the passport must have at least two blank pages.
• It must have minimum three months validity.
• The passport should be issued less than 10 years ago

France Student Visa – Step by Step procedure:

• Online registration
• Academic interview
• Appointment with VFS – France for the document submission


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