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Below you will find Student Visa Requirements for Singapore 2022, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure. A large Number of students are rushing towards the Education Hub of the Asia that is located in the Singapore for the study purpose. We are providing here all the relevant details regarding the Student Visa for assisting the Candidates. Candidates can study the requirements and procedure for getting the Pass to study in the Singapore in the following post. The Post will contain:

• Detailed Perspective of the Student Visa
• Required Documents
• Other Relevant Information

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Singapore – Detailed Perspective:

• Students should fill the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Form 16 and Form V36 after the getting the Offer letter from the institution in the Singapore in which the student has applied for the admission to the particular course.
• The Institution in the Singapore will file the Singapore Student Pass for the Indian Application on the behalf of the Students.
• The Application Fee of the Singapore Student Visa will vary from one institution to another and students will be able to get the Pass after 2 or 3 weeks of the Application.
• Candidates need to submit the Proof of the Financial Sources as per the rules of the Singapore Student Visa and the funds to be shown must not be more than one day old of the Visa Application.
• The Proof of the financial sources can be given by the funds as the Fixes Deposits and the Bank must issue the letter of confirming the availability of the funds and the letter should not be dated less than 30 days from the date of the Singapore Student Pass Application.
• Students should submit the Application for the Visa at least 2 months before the joining of the course.

Singapore Student Visa – Required Documents:

As per the Rules of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Students must submit the following documents in the same order:

• Application Form of International Students
• Photo of the Candidates (Passport Size and less than 6 months old)
• Application Fee of the Singapore Student Visa
• Bank Statements (Must be Original for last 28 days from all the sponsors)
•Marks sheets from the Class 10th to the last Degree obtained (Transcripts)
• Support Affidavit to be given by the Sponsors on Rs. 20 Stamp Paper
• Certificate of Work Experience of the Students (If have any)
• Receipt of Fixed Deposit (If required)
• Sanction letter of Bank Loan ( If required)

This completes all the details regarding the Student Visa Requirements in Singapore.


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