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Below you will find Student Visa Requirements for UK 2022, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure. The following post will have complete details on the Student Visa Requirements in UK. The candidates who are preparing for the studies in UK or who are searching relevant information related to the same will find this post highly relevant as it has all the important facets of the visa, eligibility, extension details and the documents required for the visa application.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in UK Introduction:

• If the candidate has completed the age of 16 years, and has been selected for an educational course.
• The candidate is required to read, speak and write in ENGLISH.
• It is important that the applicant is able to support his educational as well as other expenses. The amount which is mandatory to be shown in the bank accounts varies as per the circumstances.
• The candidates should not belong to the Switzerland or European Economic Area. It is important that the candidate is eligible for the visa application.

Time of Applying for the VISA:

• The application must be submitted 3 months prior the commencing of the course.


• If the application is to be done from outside the UK, the fee will be 322 pounds.
• Apart from this fee, the candidates will also have to remit the healthcare surcharges.

Duration of Course and Time of Arrival:

• If the course is of 6 months, then the applicant is allowed to come in UK 1 week before the commencement.
• If the course duration is 6 months, this time will be 1 month.
• Generally, the previous educational qualification and the kind of course opted by the candidate in the nation will determine the time by which the applicant will be allowed to come.

Student Visa Requirements in UK – Dos and Don’ts:

• You are allowed to study, apply for the extension in stay period, apply from outside and inside the UK, work (depending on the kind of sponsor and the course level) and work as the student union sabbatical officer.
• As per the Student Visa Requirements in UK, the candidates are not allowed to get any public funds and work as a professional sportsperson with a coach. Also, the candidate will not be allowed to study at any maintained school.

Student Visa Requirements in UK – Eligibility:

• The candidates must have an unconditional offer letter of the course which they seek admission in.
• Enough money to support themselves as well as their education.
• Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will be sent by the education provider to the candidates after they have been allotted a place in a course in UK. It will be a unique reference number.
• With the reception of the CAS, the candidates are to apply for the Student Visa within 6 months.

Another requirement of the student visa is that the candidates should know the English Language. A standard test (SELT) has been standardized as the measure of testing the candidate’s knowledge in English.


Study Level What course you are Studying in Required knowledge of English Level
Higher Education Institution (HEI) Degree Level or above Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing CEFR equivalent level B2
Institute other than HEI Degree Level or above SELT in all the above specializations CEFR level B2
Any Institute Below Degree SELT in all the above specializations CEFR level B1

The candidates of the following countries will be exempted from proving the knowledge of English if they have completed a degree course equivalent to the one in UK:

The Bahamas, Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Grenada, Barbados, Ireland, Guyana, New Zealand, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, UK, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Student Visa Requirements in UK – Documents Required:

The following documents will be required for the visa application:

• A valid transport document or the current passport
• A coloured passport sized photo with the name of the candidate mentioned on its back side.
• A proof that the candidate is able to support his or her education (amount will vary as per the circumstances)
• If the candidate is under 18, then the VISA application will require legal guardian consent.
• If the candidate belongs to a country which needs TB test, the candidates will have to submit their TB Test Results.
• The candidates will also need a passport page which is blank on both the sides and some other documents which are specific to the applicant scenario.
• The documents which will be required for the Student Visa of UK will be sent back within 14 days.

Apart from this, the application, extension of the student visa and the switching policies will be available on the official websites.


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