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Below you will find Student Visa Requirements for USA 2022, Application Form, Eligibility Criteria & Application Procedure. Getting the Student Visa for THE USA done is the most important task to accomplish once you have received the offer letter from the university or college you applied in. Available for all the students across the globe via the centralized application process and coming in different forms, the THE USA Student Visa is an important document. The following post will feature all the details on the student visa including the eligibility requirements, types, terms and other relevant points of notice.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in USA – Important Points:-

• The candidates are supposed to present the letter of acceptance or the offer letter from the college or university he or she has applied in.
• This documentation will be sent to the candidate once the institution has accepted their application.
• When the I-20 starts, the candidates can apply for the visa within 120 days and travel within 30 days.

Student Visa of US – Types of the Visa:-

The THE USA provides three types of visa in the non-immigrant category. Find the details on all of them in the following section:

• F Visa
• M Visa
• J Visa

F Visa:

• This is for the international students trying to pursue the English course or an academic degree from an accredited college or university in the US.
• There are THREE types of the F Visa which are as follows:

F-1: For the full time students
F-2: For the dependents of the F-1 visa holders such as their spouse and children below the age of 21 years
F-3: For the Mexican and Canadian Students which fall in the category of Border Commuters; meaning that they will be staying in their country but travel for the part time or full time course they are interested in.

M Visa:

• This is for the candidates interested in the vocational or non-academic or training at the educational institutions in THE USA.
• This visa is also of THREE types:

M-1: for the students opting for the vocational or non-academic courses
M-2: For the dependents of M-1 visa holders
M-3: Border commuters for the vocational or non-academic courses

J Visa:

• For the students participating in the international student exchange programs for the promotion of the cultural exchange.
•  The J Visa holders stay in THE USA for a relatively shorter period of time such as one or two semesters.
• This is also of TWO types:

J-1: For the student chosen for the exchange programs
J-2: For the dependents of the J-1 visa holder

Apart from them, there are Derivative visas for which the details can be found on the official website.

Student Visa Requirements in THE USA – Crucial Points:

• The visa issuing will be preceded by a lot of activities such as the application, document collection, bank accounts work etc.
• It is highly important that you bring the letter issued by the university or school you have applied in. The institute must be approved by the USCIS.
• Make sure that the names on the passport, visa application, and the I-20 or the DS-2020 form (letter) are same in spelling.
• Candidate belonging to some countries will be required to go for some special screenings which may take some weeks to get completed.
• Next step will involve the candidates booking their visa interview and remit the required amount of fees. The expected wait time and other such details will be informed by the embassy of the US in your country. If the study program in going to commence soon, you need to provide such details as the international student visas may get priority over the others.
• The fee for the Visa interview is US $200 which is also called as the SEVIS fee which will be confirmed by the receipt of the transaction. Bring that receipt along with the other documents for the visa interview.
• Nowadays, the US has opted for a new non-immigrant visa which can be filled online and is called as the DS-160 form.
• Finally, the candidates are required to dress up formally and prepare well in advance the questions which are asked. You should not answer vaguely in the reply of the questions asking for the relevancy of the courses and other things such as why is it important to study that course in US only.
• Be quick with your answers and if you are not able to talk in English, then you can opt for an interpreter.


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