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Macquarie University Sydney Key Information:-

• Formally known: Macquarie University
•Established: 1964
•Motto: "And gladly techie."
•Address: Sydney NSW 2109, Australia
•Category: Public teaching and research university
•Available study options: Undergraduate/Graduate/Research
•Chancellor:The Hon. Michael Egan
•Vice-Chancellor: S. Bruce Dowton
•University paper:
•Website: www.mq.edu.au
•Phone:  +61 2 9850 7111

Macquarie University Sydney Highlights:-

•Macquarie University Sydney is recognized for its interdisciplinary research and teaching, highly skilled graduates and first-class facilities.
• This university is ranked as a five star university in the areas of research, employability, teaching, facilities, internationalisation, innovation, engagement, specialisation.
• Macquarie University also has the largest student exchange programme in Australia.
• The university is also ranked among the national top five recipients of relative research income.
• This university also has  several research centres, schools and institutes including the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, the Institute of Human Cognition and Brain Science, the Macquarie University Research Park and the Macquarie University Hospital.
•Macquarie has been consistently ranked in the top 10 Universities in Australia and among the top 200 Universities in the world by various sources
•Macquarie University's linguistics department developed the Macquarie Dictionary, the copyright on which it still owns.

Macquarie University Sydney Admissions :

Macquarie University Sydney Admission:-

Following is all the information you may want to know about Macquarie University Sydney Admission for Undergraduate and Postgraduate study.

Macquarie University Sydney Undergraduate Admission:-

Before applying for Macquarie University Sydney Undergraduate Admission please make sure that you fulfill the necessary entry requirements prescribed for admission.

CLICK HERE for Macquarie University Sydney Undergraduate Admission.

How to apply for Macquarie University Sydney Undergraduate Admission.

Step 1: Find a degree: The first thing you need to do is choose what to study.
Step 2: Apply:Degrees can be applied for either through the Universities Admissions Centre or directly to Macquarie. Each degree Courses page has a 'How to Apply' tab which shows you which method of application is required.
Step 3: After you apply:-Several rounds of UAC offers take place before the beginning of semester. Main round offers for Session 1 are sent out in January. Once the University has assessed the applications and if you have been successful, you will be sent a letter of offer.
Steps 4 and 5:- Accept your offer and enrol or more information about these steps, see our Accept your offer page.

For reference: UAC Guide

The Universities Admissions Centre releases a guide every year at the end of July. It's a helpful publication and has a lot of specific information about applying to University.

Most Year 12 students will receive a UAC Guide from their school. It's also available from the University Co-op Bookshop, UAC, large newsagencies, high schools and TAFEs.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Macquarie University Sydney Postgraduate Admission:-

Before applying for Macquarie University Sydney Postgraduate Admission please make sure that you fulfill the necessary entry requirements prescribed for admission.

The general entry requirements for any postgraduate course are:

•Completion of a recognised bachelor's degree
•Proof of English proficiency
•In exceptional cases evidence of other academic or professional attainments may be considered for admission.

English proficiency

As all classes are taught in English, students need to be competent in spoken and written English.

For most applicants this will be covered by providing evidence of holding an assessable qualification such as the HSC or Australian bachelor degree studies of one year or more. The English language proficiency guidelines provide more comprehensive information on providing your English proficiency.

Intensive English courses and English testing services are available for students who do not meet the English requirement specified.

These are offered by:

The Centre for Macquarie English (CME) (ELICOS accredited)
Phone: +612 9850 7667
Fax: +612 9850 8129
Email: cme@mq.edu.au

How to apply for Macquarie University Sydney Postgraduate Admission?

There are two ways you can apply for Macquarie University Sydney Postgraduate Admission in case you are a domestic student.

•Via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) or
•Directly to Macquarie University

Depending on the course you wish to study will determine what method of application is appropriate.

CLICK HERE for more information on How to apply for Macquarie University Sydney Postgraduate Admission

Macquarie University Sydney Academic Year:

Macquarie University Sydney Academic Year is divided into two semesters-

SEMESTER 01: March to June
SEMESTER 02: July to November

Macquarie University Sydney Tuition Fee:-

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Macquarie University Sydney Infrastructure

Macquarie University Sydney Infrastructure:-

Macquarie University main campus is located 16 km from the north-west of Sydney CBD. The university is straddled between the suburbs of North Ryde and the later developed technology and industry focused Macquarie Park; however, the campus has its own postcode, 2109. An amazing fact of Macquarie University Sydney Infrastructure is that prior to its development as a campus  most of the site was cultivated with peach orchards, market gardens and poultry farms.

Macquarie University is served by the Macquarie University railway station, which opened in 2009, as well as a bus interchange within the campus that provides close to 800 bus services daily. The M2 Motorway runs parallel to the northern boundary of the campus and is accessible to traffic from the university.

Apart from its centres of learning, the campus features the Macquarie University Research Park, museums, art galleries, a sculpture park, an observatory, a sport and aquatic centre and also the private Macquarie University Hospital. Located to the north of the main campus area are the university sports grounds.

Libraries:- The library houses over 1.8 million items and uses the Library of Congress Classification System. The varsity library also features Rare Book Collection, a Palaeontology Collection and the Brunner Collection of Egyptological materials.

Satellite campuses:-  Macquarie City Campus is a teaching campus of Macquarie University which associates with Navitas. In mid-2007, the university opened the Macquarie City Campus in the Sydney CBD, offering Macquarie University’s foundation studies, selected undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Residential Colleges:- Macquarie University has two residential colleges on its campus, Dunmore Lang College and Robert Menzies College, both founded in 1972. In addition to these residential colleges is the Macquarie University Village which contains over 890 rooms inside multiple two storey townhouses and apartment block.

Macquarie University Sydney Faculty:-

Macquarie University Sydney Faculty past and present consists of academicians, subjects scholars and researchers.

Macquarie University Sydney Student Life and Activities:-

Macquarie University Campus Experience is an wholly subsidiary company of the university and forms the crux of Macquarie University Sydney Student Life and Activities. This organization manages Macquarie University’s non-academic services of food and retail, sport and recreation, student groups, child care, and entertainment.

Global Leadership Program (GLP):The GLP is a student organisation and program that is undertaken by a large proportion of Macquarie Students. All students at the university are encouraged to undertake the program to enhance leadership skills, cross cultural understanding and international awareness.

2SER: Macquarie University has its own community radio station on campus, 2SER FM. The station is jointly owned by Macquarie University and UTS and broadcasts its programmes on the frequency 107.3 FM.

Macquarie University Sydney Placements

Macquarie University Sydney Courses

Macquarie University Sydney Rankings

Macquarie University Sydney Rankings:-

Macquarie University Sydney has been consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in India and the top 200 universities in the world. While there has been a dip in terms of international rankings this university has managed to hold on to spots in the top 200. Nationally, the the university received 5 star ratings in six different performance categories including non-government earnings, staff qualifications and toughness of admissions in the year 2009.The university positions itself as being research intensive, and therefore also ranked among the national top five recipients of relative research income.

Following is the latest national and international rankings for Macquarie University Sydney

National Rankings:-

QS (National): Rank 09
The WUR (National): Rank 10-12
ARWU: Rank 09

International/World Rankings:-

QS World: Rank 263
THE-WUR World: Rank 276-300
ARWU World: Rank 201-300

Macquarie University Sydney Contact Details

Sydney NSW 2109, Australia
Phone:  +61 2 9850 7111

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