Study in France:-

The cultural capital of world, France is certainly one of the best countries to study abroad. The country is home to large number of internationally recognized universities and colleges which makes it a very tempting for international students. Studying in France gives the students a chance to work with world’s biggest brands. There are a wide range of courses for Study in France for Indian students.


Admission Requirements for Study in France                               Cost of Study and Living in France

Why Study in France:-

The topmost reason to study in France is it the quality of education. The tuition fee of about 200 Euros means it is very affordable. The economy of the country is second best in Europe which makes it a very hot job market. There are lots of student activities happening all the time which helps the students to be more social and have strong professional network. Thanks to its rich culture and heritage, the multi-ethnicity of the France makes it a very good place to experience diversity. And when you are not studying, you can go sightseeing


Why Study in France

Student Visa:-

Whether it is a full time UG/PG program or internship of short term or even an exchange program, you will need a long-stay student visa to study in France. This visa will cost you Rs. 3895. In case you want to do a course of duration of less than 90 days, then you need a “Schengen” visa which is for upto 90 days only.  The cost of this visa is Rs. 4675.  


Student Visa Requirements for Study in France


The international students can avail scholarships to aid their studies. These scholarships are either a private scholarship or a university scholarship. The university scholarship is available in three forms:

• Academic Scholarship
• Diversity Scholarship
• Athletic Scholarship

In addition to these, there are post graduate scholarships such as Future Leaders Fund Annual Scholarship, Nancy Goodhue Lynch scholarship, Returning Student Scholarship.


Scholarships for Studying in France          



 Top Universities in France