• Established In : 1873

    Affiliated To :

    Email : info@canterbury.ac.nz

    Website : www.canterbury.ac.nz

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University of Canterbury Christchurch Key Information:-

•Informally known: University of Canterbury  (Te Whare Wananga o Waitaha)
•Former name: Cantenbury College
•Established: 1873
•Motto: Ergo tua rura manebunt (LATIN) "Therefore your fields will remain (yours)"
•Address: 20 Kirkwood Ave, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand.
•Category: Public University
•Available study options: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
• Campus: Urban
•Chancellor: John Wood
• Vice-Chancellor: Rod Carr
 •University papers:
•Website: www.canterbury.ac.nz
•Phone: +64 3-366 7001
•E-mail: info@canterbury.ac.nz

University of Canterbury Christchurch Highlights:-

•University of Canterbury Christchurch is the second oldest university in New Zealand.
•Founded in 1873, this university offers degrees in Arts, Commerce, Education (physical education), Engineering, Fine Arts, Forestry, Health Sciences, Law, Music, Social Work, Speech and Language Pathology, Science, Sports Coaching and Teaching.
• This university is also known for its growing affinity to research.
• The University is also the first university in New Zealand to have been granted five stars by QS Stars.

University of Canterbury Christchurch Admissions :

University of Canterbury Christchurch Admission:-

Following is a detailed guide for University of Canterbury Christchurch Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admission:-

University of Canterbury Christchurch Undergraduate Admission:-

Entry Requirements - Complete a degree at UC

Depending on the study you have completed already, you can apply for admission to the University at one of three levels:

•As a pre-degree student
•As an undergraduate student
•As a graduate student

You may need some further academic studies to ensure you have a solid foundation to succeed in your studies at UC. University of Cantenbury Christchurch Foundation Studies programme includes instruction in both English for Academic Purposes and academic subjects to prepare you for entry to undergraduate programmes.

Qualifications from New Zealand

New Zealand High School Qualifications

You can achieve New Zealand University Entrance by studying at a New Zealand High School and taking the NCEA examination. This gives you admission to a university in New Zealand. Refer to NCEA page for the minimum you need to achieve in NCEA to qualify for University Entrance.

New Zealand University Foundation Studies

You can gain admission to a university in New Zealand by achieving a Certificate of Foundation Studies at a university in New Zealand. The University of Canterbury Bridging Programmes offers a Foundation Studies Programme.

Transferring from a New Zealand University or Tertiary Institution

If you are transferring to the University of Canterbury from another NZ university or tertiary institution please refer to the page for  Transferring international students.

Qualifications from Overseas

If you have an overseas qualification you need to apply for admission.

For many countries, qualifications that meet University entry requirements in that country also meet undergraduate entry requirements in New Zealand.

English language requirements

An English language test score such as IELTS or TOEFL is not necessarily required before you apply. If you are already in New Zealand, UC provides English language testing on campus.

If you are going directly into a degree programme you must satisfy the English language requirements before UC can offer you a full offer of place.

If you don’t have an official English language test score, UC can provide a conditional offer of place into a degree programme based on successful completion of the appropriate UC preparatory programme(s).

Students undertaking English language courses who perform very well may be able to advance to the next level of study after completing only half of their courses.

Application Procedure for UC:-

Check if your selected programme needs a special application    
Plan your programme and choose your courses
Submit an Application to Enrol online    
Complete an Application to Enrol online via myUC
Wait for your courses to be checked    
Make changes to your courses (if required)
Complete Enrolment
Complete enrolment on campus    
Accept your enrolment offer    
You are now enrolled    

University of Canterbury Christchurch Postgraduation Admission:-

Typically ‘postgraduate’ study in New Zealand refers to all study above a bachelor’s degree, such as honours, graduate, graduate certificate, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, master’s and PhD study.

At postgraduate level, admission is considered on a case-by-case basis. Normally, a grade average of B+ in an undergraduate degree is required to be considered for admission to a postgraduate degree. In general, the field of study in the postgraduate course should be the same as for the undergraduate degree, but some programmes allow entry from another field of study provided an applicant can study the desired postgraduate subject.

For entry into a PhD programme or to complete a research-focused honours or master's degree, a higher grade average may be required.  Some students may also be required to undertake a bridging or qualifying course before being admitted to a postgraduate programme in order to be prepared for study.

Further information about the range of postgraduate studies offered at the University of Canterbury, including application forms and faculty profiles, can be found on the graduate and postgraduate study options web site.

How to apply for master's degrees:-

The first step is to contact the student advisors or academic staff in the relevant college, school, department or research centre and gain approval for your proposed programme of study.

Students who have already completed a year of suitable postgraduate study elsewhere may be admitted to a master's degree by thesis only.

The University recommends, where possible, prospective master's thesis students also make contact with a suitable supervisor before formally applying for admission to Masters degree in University of Cantenbury Christchurch.

Apply with a New Zealand undergraduate degree

If you have completed an undergraduate degree at a New Zealand university you are eligible to graduate, you can apply to enrol.

Apply with a non-New Zealand university degree (including NZ polytech qualifications)
If you have completed your previous academic studies outside New Zealand, and you wish to undertake master's degree study at UC,  the first step is to apply for admission on the basis of your academic record and, for students from non-English speaking countries, your English language proficiency.

Please note many graduate and postgraduate programmes have specific application requirements and/or an additional application process. Please check the programmes that require special applications page to see if a programme has special requirements.

How to apply for PhD:-

Before applying for admission to a PhD you are required to contact and have discussions with a potential supervisor. Research interests of academic staff are listed on the web pages of the relevant academic programmes. You can also search the UC Research Profile for current research projects at UC.

Identifying an appropriate project and contacting a potential supervisor is the first step for a prospective PhD student. After this you can apply for Ph.D. admission at Cantenbury University Christchurch.

Students applying for a UC Doctoral or Master’s scholarship (closing dates normally 15 May and 15 October each year) also need to submit an admission application, preferably before their scholarship application. This process is because in order to be eligible for a scholarship, applicants need to have been granted admission to UC first.

Complete and submit  the PhD Application Form (Domestic and International Students) available from Admissions and Enrolment Forms.

Note: Admission can be assessed with emailed documents but the university will require the official hard-copies of your academic documents before you enrol. Please refer to www.canterbury.ac.nz/admissions/apply/admission_online_faqs.shtml

Students applying for a UC Doctoral or Master’s scholarship (closing dates normally 15 May and 15 October each year) also need to submit an admission application, preferably before their scholarship application. This process is needed to be eligible for a scholarship, applicants need to have been granted admission to UC first

University of Canterbury Christchurch Academic year:-

University of Canterbury Christchurch Academic year is divided into two semesters namely,

SEMESTER 01: March to July
SEMESTER 02: July to December

University of Canterbury Christchurch Tuition Fee

CLICK HERE for University of Canterbury Christchurch Tuition Fee.

University of Canterbury Christchurch Infrastructure

University of Canterbury Christchurch Infrastructure:-

University of Canterbury Christchurch main campus is located in the suburb of Christchurch, 05 kilometers from the heart of the city.  Adjacent to the main campus stands the University's College of Education, with its own sports-fields and grounds. The University maintains four libraries, with the Central Library.


Central Library  – The Central Library has collections that support research and teaching in Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Commerce, Music, Fine Arts and Antarctic Studies.
Education Library- The building that houses the library is name after Henry Edward Field, who was a prominent educationalist and university professor.
EPS Library – Supports research and teaching in Engineering, Forestry and Sciences.
Macmillan Brown Library – is a research library, archive, and art gallery that specializes in collecting items related to the history of New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

Canterbury University has six halls of residence housing around 1800 students.

The six halls of residence are:
•Bishop Julius Hall – 110 residents.
•Ilam Apartments – 850 residents.
•College House – 150 residents.
•Rochester and Rutherford Hall – 175 Residents.
•Sonoda Christchurch Campus – 150 residents.
•University Hall – 550 residents.

In addition to this the university also administers various field facilities centers.

The University's College of Education maintains additional small campuses in Nelson, Tauranga and Timaru, and "teaching centres" in Greymouth, New Plymouth, Rotorua and Timaru. The University has staff in regional information offices in Nelson, Timaru, and Auckland.

University of Canterbury Christchurch Faculty:-

University of Canterbury Christchurch Faculty past and present consists of academicians, subjects scholars and researchers.

University of Canterbury Christchurch Student Life and Activities:-

The University of Canterbury Students' Association (UCSA) operates on campus with its own radio station (RDU) and magazine (Canta). The Association also runs two bars and several cafes around campus. The University has over 100 academic, sporting, recreational and cultural societies and clubs. The university is also known for its various student traditions. One major student tradition, the Undie 500, involves an annual car-rally from Christchurch to Dunedin run by ENSOC.

University of Canterbury Christchurch Placements

University of Canterbury Christchurch Courses

University of Canterbury Christchurch Rankings

University of Canterbury Christchurch Rankings:-

Listed for you is the latest international and national University of Cantenbury Christchurch rankings.

In 2011 QS World University Rankings ranked the University of Canterbury 212th overall in the world, and the third highest ranked university in New Zealand. Its individual global subject rankings were: 226th in Arts & Humanities, 128th in Engineering & IT, 207th in Natural Sciences, and 243rd in Social Sciences.The University is also the first university in New Zealand to have been granted five stars by QS Stars.

League Rankings:-

QS World University Rankings (2012): Rank 221
Times Higher Education Rankings (2012): Rank 301-350

University of Canterbury Christchurch Contact Details

20 Kirkwood Ave,
Upper Riccarton,
Christchurch 8041,
New Zealand.
Phone: +64 3-366 7001

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