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Below you will find Top 10 Universities in France 2023, List of Top French Universities for MBA, Engineering and MS. France is the most appealing destination for study nowadays. It has the diverse range of public and private institutions which is offering the world – class education to the students. This post encircles the top universities which help the students to choose their best study option. The list of universities on the basis of their ranking is illustrated here so that the students can compare the quality of high education and find the best universities worldwide.

Top 10 Universities in France –

Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris:

It has been ranked 23rd in the world and one of the best universities in the world. It imparts the residential campus in the central Paris. It is one of the prestigious French Universities which is quite popular for its departments of humanities and science.

Ecole Polytechnique:

It is the highest ranked university in France for engineering and technology and has been ranked 40th in the world.  It is the founder member of Paris Tech.

Universite Pierre et Marie Curie:

It is one of the largest teaching institutes in Europe in the field of science and medicine. It has been ranked joint 137th in the world. It has more than 125 laboratories. It is located in the vibrant and historic Latin quarter of Paris.

Ecole Normale Superieure De Lyon:

ENS, Lyon offers the courses in Science and humanities and has been ranked 210th in the world. This university has various departments and about 2000 students.

Universite Paris – Sorbonne:

It is also known as Paris IV. It is the co – founder of Sorbonne University Alliance. It has been ranked 36th in the world for arts and humanities.

Science Po Paris:

It has been ranked 223rd in the world. It has 7 campuses with 46% international students. It is located in Saint-Germain-des-Pres area of the capital. It is also known as the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

Universite Paris 1 Pantheon – Sorbonne:

This renowned university is currently ranked 240th in the world. It is one of the largest French Universities which enrolls more than 40, 000 students in more than 14 research and teaching departments.

Aix – Marseille University:

This is the university in Marseille and has been ranked 255 in the world. It is one of the largest universities in terms of students.

Universite of Paris Diderot:

It is also known as the Paris 7 and has been ranked 261st in the world. It is the multidisciplinary university within the eastern limits.

• University of Strasbourg:

This university is one of the Top Universities in France and has been ranked 340th in the world. It is one of the largest universities with 43, 000 students and more than 4,000 researchers.

Other Top Universities in France:

• University of Montpellier
• Universite De Bordeaux
• Universite De Lorraine
• Universite  De Nantes
• Univeriste De Poitiers


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