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Below you will find Top 10 Universities in UK 2023, List of Top British Universities for MBA, Engineering and MS. UK being the hub of all the international students for all kinds of courses houses some of the finest and the most coveted universities in the world. The following post will be outlining the list of all the Top Universities in UK which have been featuring in the Top QS rankings for all kinds of courses. This list will be beneficial for all the students who are planning to study in UK and are short listing the universities for this purpose.

Top Universities in UK – Factors employed for ranking:

• These rankings are not random and have been arrived at after the application of various statistical methods on the fixed criteria.
• Nine Criteria are generally chosen which are mentioned in the following section of the article:

Entry Standards

Completion Rate
Expenditure on each student for the academic services
Graduate Prospects
Good Honours
Expenditure on Staff and Students
Student to Staff Ratio
Student Satisfaction
Research Quality and Assessment

Top 10 Universities in UK –

University of Cambridge

The university has always been one of the best education centres in UK and has been ranked the FIRST fourth year in a row.

• University of Oxford

Having a lineage as reputed and coveted as its precursor the university has been a favourite among the erudite students that seek the world class education.

University of St. Andrews

It has always been a member of the top 5 universities in the UK. The university has high standards of both the education as well as the development of the students in every manner.

University of Surrey

The university has outshined the other competitors and has climbed a few places up to grab this rank no. 5.

University of Bath

Having improved in the rankings especially in the quality of life, the university has been another favourite of the bright students seeking good quality education.

Durham University

Social life scoring for the university has led to the advancement in the rankings this year on both the guardian tables as well as other charts.

University of Warwick

This university has been featured a number of times in the league tables of The Guardian which is the standard ranking of the universities in the UK.

Imperial College of London

Having a joint second place of the best university in the world in the QS rankings as well as top 5 ranking in the league tables, the university is another excellent education hub.

• University of Exeter

The high quality of the student life is what makes this university favourite among the students apart from the other factors such as high level of education and promotion of research activities.

• Lancaster University

Top Universities in the UK – Other Top 5:

• University College of London
• Loughborough University
• London School of Economics
• Coventry University
• University of Southampton


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