• Berhampur University M.Tech. in Computer Science


    1st semester

    MTCS 1.1       Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    MTCS 1.2       Advanced Computer Architecture
    MTCS 1.3       Object Oriented Data structures 
    MTCS 1.4       Discrete Mathematical Structures
    MTCS 1.5       Elective-1  
    MTCS 1.6       Lab –I (Object Oriented Systems Lab)

    Elective courses for MTCS 1.5:
    EL 1.1 VLSI design
    EL 1.2 Object Oriented Systems
    EL 1.3 Principles of Programming Languages
    EL 1.4 Embedded systems
    EL 1.5 Computer Graphics

    2nd semester
    MTCS 2.1       Computer networks
    MTCS 2.2       Operating systems and system programming
    MTCS 2.3       Advanced Data Base Systems
    MTCS 2.4       Elective-2
    MTCS 2.5       Elective-3
    MTCS 2.6       Lab – II (Network / Database Lab)

    Elective courses for MTCS 2.4 and MTCS 2.5:

    EL 2.1 Computational Number Theory
    EL 2.2 Theoretical Computer Science & Automata                 
    EL 2.3 Data warehousing and data mining
    EL 2.4 Advanced Software Engineering
    EL 2.5 Pattern recognition
    EL 2.6 Compiler design
    EL 2.7 Optimization technique
    EL 2.8 Distributed Data Base systems
    EL 2.9 Financial Information System
    EL 2.10 Formal Methods

    3rd semester
    MTCS 3.1       Elective – 4
    MTCS 3.2       Elective – 5
    MTCS 3.3       Elective – 6
    MTCS 3.4       Elective – 7
    MTCS 3.5       Lab – III (Open Source Software lab
    MTCS 3.6       Project synopsis and comprehensive viva voce

    Elective courses for MTCS 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4:

    EL 3.1 Mobile Computing
    EL 3.2 Intelligent Systems
    EL 3.3 Service Oriented Computing and Web technology
    EL 3.4 Soft Computing
    EL 3.5 Digital Image Processing
    EL 3.6 Agent Based Computing
    EL 3.7 Electronic Commerce
    EL 3.8 Internet Technology
    EL 3.9 Bio-informatics
    EL 3.10 Parallel Computing
    EL 3.11 Social Network
    EL 3.12 Cryptography and network security   
    EL 3.13 Software Project Management
    EL 3.14 Computer Simulation and modeling
    EL 3.15 Software Testing

    4th semester
    MTCS 4.1       Project work/Dissertation and Viva voce


    (i)  The Department will announce the list of electives to be offered in a particular semester depending on the availability of resources and the students must have to choose from within the list only.      
    (ii)  A student has to decide on the topic of his/her project in the 3rd semester itself and must start his/her work in the form of literature survey and exposure to the technology/methodology to be used for the purpose. At the end of the 3rd semester the student has to submit a detail synopsis of the project and appear in a viva voce for evaluation. The same project has to be continued in the 4th semester.