• Himachal Pradesh University BSc Hons Biotechnology


    First Year

    I *English (common with B.Sc. pass course)
    II (b)*
    Fundamentals of Life Sciences
    Elementary Mathematics
    III* Fundamentals of Chemistry
    IV* Fundamentals of Statistics and Computer
    V* Basic & Applied Physics
    VI* Introductory Microbiology
    VII** Basic Biochemistry
    VIII* Hindi-I (common with B.Sc. pass course
    IX* Environmental Studies (common with B.Sc. pass course)

    Second Year

    X* Hindi-II (common with B.Sc. pass course)
    XI Intermediary Metabolism
    XII* Introductory Cell Biology
    XIII* Concepts in Immunology
    XIV Fundamental Genetics & Molecular Biology
    XV Introduction to Industrial Microbiology
    XVI* Instrumental Methods of Analysis
    XVII* Introduction to Bioinformatics

    Third Year

    XVIII* Basics of Recombinant DNA Technology
    XIX Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology
    XX Elements of Animal Biotechnology
    XXI* Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights &Entrepreneurship
    XXII Concepts in Bioprocess Engineering
    XXIII Food Biotechnology
    XXIV Environmental Biotechnology