• Mumbai University MCA

    Eligibility:-  The admission is based on score of Maharastra CET and/or AIMCET.

    Admission Procedure:- The admission is based on score of Maharastra CET and/or AIMCET.

    Syllabus 2012:-

    First Year
    Semester I

    Data Structure with ‘C’
    Computer Concepts
    Computer Organization & Architecture
    Combinatories & Probability
    Accounting & Managerial Economics

    Semester II

    Advanced Data & Files Structures
    Operating Systems
    System Analysis, Design & Implements
    Discrete Mathematics
    Principles and Practices of Management

    Second Year
    Semester III

    Object Oriented Programming with C++
    Database Management Systems
    Data Communication Networks
    Optimization Techniques
    Technical Writing & Organizational Behaviours

    Semester IV

    Introduction to JAVA & Web Technology
    Software Engineering & Project Management
    Object Oriented Modelling & design using UML
    Management Information System
    Computer Graphics

    Third Year
    Semester V

    Network Security
    Advanced Database Techniques
    Elective 1

    Semester VI

    Wireless Technology
    Distributed Computing
    Elective 2
    Foreign Language

    Elective 1

    Paralled Processing
    Artifical Neural Network
    Network Programming
    Advanced Java
    Embeded System & Programming

    Elective 2

    Strategic IT Management
    Customer Resource Management
    Project Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Business Process Re-Engineering
    Industrial Engineering & ERP
    E-commerce & Industrial Financing
    IT Laws & Patents