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Below you will find Why Study in Australia, Why Study Abroad in Australia? This post is going to give you all the reasons to pack your bags and land on the Australian continent for pursuing the education you have always dreamt of. The land of sunny beaches has much more to it. Australia is the 3rd most popular international destination for all the students after US and UK. If this fact is not enough to pursue that yes, to Study in Australia, we have a lot more compiled in the following post for all our readers.

Why Study in Australia – A detailed Perspective:

• The country is currently imparting 22, 000 courses in 1, 100 institutions. It is not only about the number of the institutions and courses as the University system of the nation has been ranked as 9th across the whole world. This makes it ahead of even New Zealand, Japan and Germany.
• The cost of education is much lower as compared to the US and UK and the students can work side by side to support the education.
• Out of the 30 best student cities in the world, 5 belong to Australia; making it one of the best places to earn education; especially if the students are living on their own.
• The Australian Government spends more than 0.2 billion dollars on the international student scholarships.
• The impressive global rankings of the Australian Universities are another major driving factor to Study in Australia.
• Around 2.5 million international alumni are now playing major roles in the world economy by being a major part of it.
• You may also feel more motivated to Study in Australia by the numbers of the Nobel Prizes won by the Australians. The count stands at 15.
• Apart from all these reasons, the student friendly environment, laid back attitude of the people, the high standard of living make other reasons.

Topping a lot of charts in education the country is becoming a favourite among all the students across the globe.


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