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Below you will find Why Study in France, Why Study Abroad in France? France has one of the most prestigious and renowned education systems in the world. The universities and institutions of France are providing the world – class education to the students worldwide. France is now the appealing and the shining destination for the international students. The best reasons to Study in France are illustrated here. These reasons make the France as an ultimate choice for study.

Why Study in France – A Detailed Description:

• Quality Education:

France’s higher education system comprises of the 3,500 public and private institutions. The system as a whole offers the world – class education at all levels and in every discipline. There are more than 900 programs are available in the English language.

• French, an international language:

French is the world’s fifth most widely used language and the third most common business language in the world. The international students in France will get an opportunity to learn this language in an effective way which can open many doors for them. This is another good reason to Study in France.

• A sophisticated research enterprise:

France is the sixth country in the world when it comes to expenses on research and development. The CNRS of France is the world’s leading research organization. 42% of the doctoral candidates in France are the international students.

• Various Scholarships programs:

The students can get a scholarship for the various programs. There are various government and university – specific scholarships for the international students which make the study of the students easier.

• Postsecondary programs subsidized by the France government:

The French government subsidizes a very large share of the actual cost of the higher education. Also, there is no distinction will be made between international students and the French students.

• Pleasant lifestyle in the heart of Europe:

A chance to Live in France is one of the best and the biggest reason to Study in France. France is world’s top tourist destination. Paris is one of the appealing destinations for the international students. It has more than 295, 000 international students at the post-secondary level. 9 out of 10 international students recommended France as the best destination for the study.


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