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Below you will find Why Study in Singapore, Why Study Abroad in Singapore? Here we are providing you the reason that attracts the Student to study in the Island of Multicultural Heritage. Singapore is emerging as the best Education Hub in the Asia by offering the diverse and distinctive educational services in a safe and comfortable environment. It has earned the status of ‘World’s Greatest City’ by the CNN. Some more information regarding the Quality of Education in Singapore is available here for which the Indian, as well as Foreign candidates, want to study in the Singapore.

Why Study in Singapore – A Detailed Perspective:

• There are more than 16 Universities Educational and Research Centers are established in the Singapore.
• The cost of the education of the Universities are affordable and the cost of living in the Singapore in much lower than the other countries in the Asia.
• The Infrastructure of the Singapore is well connected to all parts of the World via Air, Sea and Telecommunication and it is a beautiful, diverse and vibrant place to live.
• More than 7,000 Multinational Corporation along with the 1, 00, 000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) has established their regional centers as the Singapore offers the limitless Career and Networking facilities.
• Various Ethnic Groups like Chinese, Malays, Indian and Eurasian are living together in the city providing a Rich Cultural environment.
• The Education in the Singapore is getting the status of Quality Education due to the initiative of the Multi-Government Agencies laid by the Government of the Singapore in the year of 2003.
• According to a report published in the Economist in 2012, the Quality of Life of the City is surpassed that of London and New York.
• Singapore was ranked as one of the QS’s Top three ‘Best Student Cities’ in 2013 for a number of reasons.

The Diversity and Quality of Education, Well-established Infrastructure and Commitment to progress make the Singapore an Ideal Destination for the Indian as well as the International students.


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